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  1. Despite having successfully downgrading, I'm taking this time to evaluate other note taking apps as I rely heavily on notes. I have used Bamboo paper in the past, liked it but am still evaluating others such as GoodNotes, NoteShelf and Notes Plus to really see which app best suits my needs. Notes Plus has a free trial app called INKredible and this looks promising. Though notes plus is pricy ($9.99) they are having an App Store sale tomorrow, Nov 20, for $1.99. (disclaimer, I do not work for them, just letting people know they can save a buck) Since Evernote is silent and has no appreciation of the serious problems they caused with a poorly thought out update, I no longer have any faith in their product. Sad because I was a user from the beginning. I also realize that I need to keep vigilant as this has opened my eyes to the amount of risk exposure by being so dependent on an app such as this. From now on I'll be keeping up on what developers are doing to apps that I rely on for daily business.
  2. I too have used Bamboo paper in the past and have gone between Penultimate and Bamboo. Yes it is the closest to what Penultimate was, yet I haven't extensively tested a lot of apps. I switched back to Penultimate for the seamless backup and Bamboo's wrist protection actually got worse with an update but this was a year or so ago. They have made updates since and will now be considering switching back. I successfully reverted back to the previous penultimate and turned off automatic updates but still the risk is there that I will inadvertently update as other app updates come in. I will also be checking out GoodNotes as many coworkers recommend.
  3. I too created a profile just to voice my dissatisfaction with this update as it completely rendered my most important tool useless. Evernote, take notice that the pain in this change was great enough to get people who do not post to forums to now do so. This version is so bad, that I have a hard time believing that the development team of Penultimate was in agreement that this version was ready for prime time and that all the changes were good. If they were all in agreement, then there were people who were afraid to speak up and were developing a product to fulfill goals of management and not a product that meets the needs and goals of your customers. This is possibly a symptom of some serious systemic problems from within Evernote because the goals set by the management of a product development team are derived from your customers. Judging by the overwhelming feedback both in the Penultimate forums and the iTunes store reviews that you guys clearly are not listening to your customers. This makes me think that there are those at Evernote who think that they understand their customer needs better than their customers, so now we will give you what we think you need. This is now the Pontiac Aztec of note taking apps, because what I see here reminds me of the story surrounding that car. It is a great story in product development failure and a cautionary tale of when products are made to meet the expectation of management when the goals and expectation of management are not in line with your customer base. I am not new to Penultimate but I am new to the Evernote ecosystem as I've been starting to experiment and explore more with the application. Since Penultimate is my conduit into the Evernote ecosystem, I don't want to waste my time give this disasterous roll out. I've only had a premium membership for a month and I'll now cancel the renewal and check back in the future to see if improvements have been made. My advice, fix the disconnect with your customers that you clearly have now uncovered and fix your product. If necessary, pull this version and revert to the previous version or you risk loosing more customers.
  4. This update is so terrible that the app is now completely useless to me! All the issues Coping above raised are happening with me. I rely heavily on my notes and not having the thumbnails to jump back and forth is devastating! I am really in trouble for meetings tomorrow if I can't revert back to the previous version! I am really screwed thanks to these guys!
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