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  1. This is regarding a custom color picker on par with Windows and the Web interface which is integrated into the app. Currently, Evernote uses the default system Mac color picker in a separate palette as you've shown. The hope is this, along with other inconsistent cross platform ui decisions could be consolidated. As an example, here is the color picker used for this forum (just shown as an example) FYI: this thread was started in 2015 was following up on another archived post here from 2012:
  2. Bumping this request please. I can't seem to find a happy medium with Evernote: Evernote Online: - has easy access to color picker - missing highlight tool Evernote Mac: - has highlight tool - cumbersome color picker It appears Evernote's UI team is located in different parts of the globe and they simply don't communicate on any standards. Would it not make sense economically and from a user experience perspective to make everything consistent no matter what platform you are using? To Evernote: please pick a design/layout/ui/ux and apply it to everything. Otherwise, you'll forever fork your userbase and continue to have multiple complaints from multiple user bases making your developers, designers and ux team work harder than necessary. This ultimately dilutes your focus, waste time and money, and slowing your progress on meaningful updates. Is the investment of time and energy into Evernote Chat worth it in the long run? Or will it be the same as your Evernote Marketplace where you sold tote bags and mugs. Not trying to complain. I hope it helps someone think a bit more critical path and not meander into what you think Wallstreet might want.
  3. Perhaps there are not as many users using the Mac standalone app and instead use the online version instead... Sad that the standalone app does not even have the formatting power as this forum...
  4. Will there be any updates to Evernote to include a better/easier color picker similar to the web version or PC version. Quote from Evernote staff in 2012: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23873-archived-request-editor-changes/
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