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    Mac Color Picker

    This is regarding a custom color picker on par with Windows and the Web interface which is integrated into the app. Currently, Evernote uses the default system Mac color picker in a separate palette as you've shown. The hope is this, along with other inconsistent cross platform ui decisions could be consolidated. As an example, here is the color picker used for this forum (just shown as an example) FYI: this thread was started in 2015 was following up on another archived post here from 2012:
  2. XMG

    Mac Color Picker

    Bumping this request please. I can't seem to find a happy medium with Evernote: Evernote Online: - has easy access to color picker - missing highlight tool Evernote Mac: - has highlight tool - cumbersome color picker It appears Evernote's UI team is located in different parts of the globe and they simply don't communicate on any standards. Would it not make sense economically and from a user experience perspective to make everything consistent no matter what platform you are using? To Evernote: please pick a design/layout/ui/ux and apply it to everything. Otherwise, you'll forever fork your userbase and continue to have multiple complaints from multiple user bases making your developers, designers and ux team work harder than necessary. This ultimately dilutes your focus, waste time and money, and slowing your progress on meaningful updates. Is the investment of time and energy into Evernote Chat worth it in the long run? Or will it be the same as your Evernote Marketplace where you sold tote bags and mugs. Not trying to complain. I hope it helps someone think a bit more critical path and not meander into what you think Wallstreet might want.
  3. Is there anyone else having portions of the screen jitter when scrolling. This began appearing in latest update. Only affects the note area. No other applications are affected. Have tried Mac Store version and evernote.com version. Looking like a video card issue but wondering if others are having similar screen issues.
  4. XMG

    Mac Color Picker

    Perhaps there are not as many users using the Mac standalone app and instead use the online version instead... Sad that the standalone app does not even have the formatting power as this forum...
  5. Will there be any updates to Evernote to include a better/easier color picker similar to the web version or PC version. Quote from Evernote staff in 2012: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23873-archived-request-editor-changes/
  6. I hear you NightStalker. You know what I hate about change? It breaks 'good' habits and need to create brand new ones that were never necessary. I think what's happening (let me bring out my tinfoil first) is that it's either a unfortunate/happy accident on Evernote's part or (worse) deliberate is these shifts in user experience hides the fact that they haven't made real meaningful change in their actual UX. And if deliberate, I think it's similar to how Mac OS didn't have auto correct for spelling for so long due to patents etc. (I can't remember now...) Could it be that simple things like adding a proper color picker or better formatting features are not added due to licensing? Why else (certainly/hopefully better reasons then above) would they be so hard up on Market Place, or Chat, or "better search". If you read all the improvements Evernote has made to their software over the last few versions, it's all been outside of the scope of what it does. I'm sure it's not licensing etc. But if it's not 'out of there control' that they are making such deliberate mistakes, then does it mean the "real" reason is even worse? Not enough money? Chat seems to be a shot in the dark. Market is definitely a shot in the void. Moleskine books??? I mean, seriously, why would I want an Evernote Moleskine book when I sync it on my phone and computer. I want to physically write my notes? LOL :-) You know what I love about change? I forget things have changed after a few months/years... I disliked the look of OS X when it came out. Remember the shift? Copland was so much better :-) And we lost extensions! Or Mac OS 7 - remember that extension that helped us make it look more like Next etc.? Change I really hate today (Specifically right this moment) - Google Maps/MapsEngine/Lite/whatever is messing up how to embed maps and they got rid of their Javascript tools. This stuff changes workflow. Hate change. Just hate it. (oh cool, you can add custom icons in Google Mapsengine now, I like that change...) LOL
  7. I'm using tinypic.com to get the url to post images here... Although I started out with 500kb allowable uploads here, I'm now down to less than 30kb... Agree, iOS and web are fine. And to define 'fine' - it's not to say I don't have suggestions. But this would be specific to my personal tastes. The current Mac OS version is simply an extreme swing of the pendulum that is probably getting everyone on these forums lol. It's just the small simple things. When Marcus is asking for specifics on what to tell the designers, this kinda shows a sign that the designers are either: - using the wrong gamma on their screens since they feel it has enough contrast (perhaps they are using PC's to choose colors for the Mac?) - using old CRT screens (not probable) - love minimalism that it invades into their profession too much (probable) - cannot distinguish levels of priority in ux/ui (not probable hopefully) - are listening too much to user feedback that they make all areas of the interface the same level (hence everything is too bright) It's kinda fun watching this space though. Every design has haters, but it's that fine line when you do a tiny bit too much...
  8. Hi Marcus, In case your designers feel this is a subjective complaint about the usage of colors of the latest app, let's use 2 popular websites as a comparison below. Hope your team will notice how lines and colors are used to help create clear(er) focal points. It's still not the 'best' (subjective), but hope it gives a starting point of what people are currently accepting as a benchmark. Evernote, the app, is not an art project. It's not a designer's expression of his or her tastes. It's to help get the job done. When it comes to contrast, it's just doing basic fundamental changes to make sure you don't use colors that are only a few points different from each other. Right now, your designers chose these 3 colors to make a distinction of 3 areas of your interface: Sidebar: #e9e9e9 Notes sidebar: #f6f6f6 Background of note: #f9f9f9 The difference between f6f6f6 and f9f9f9 is simply too close for your older demo. It's not subjective. It's good business sense to try to make things easier to use. Me? I'm fine with 6.0.2 as long as you're working on adding a custom color picker that even your website has... Comparison to 2 (arguable) popular websites:
  9. Not sure this helps, but added a before and after of JMichael's screenshot based on user comments: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/76662-evernote-for-mac-v60-and-v601/?p=328176
  10. Based on the latest comments, here is a compilation of various requests. (minus the dark side bar as per Yosemite guidelines etc.) (this forum won't allow me to post anymore images... I'm using tinypic - if you have a suggestion on easier way to upload images let me know...) Here is 6.0.2 now: Here is an update with various requests from the forum:
  11. For Frogwell, Here's your version with highlight of sidebar items. Frogwell's requested change: (It looks like my upload capability is being limited so images will be smaller...)
  12. For Roger Worden, Here's a version for you. In your custom version of Evernote, there is a setting in Preferences to give you an option to set the color of your choice. And save a preset. Adobe has come around (a bit) in giving options like this with interface presets. Roger's Evernote:
  13. Here's a quick before and after. (I found this image of 6.0 in Google images to make the sample) Attached is a BEFORE and AFTER. Basically this is a 2 minute example based on reading a few comments: 1. more contrast 2. add a line under the title 3. color palette (this is my request) BEFORE: AFTER: This is a quick mockup - there's got to be at least a few UX/UI guys here. Let's show Evernote what we want no? Of all the responses from Evernote on the design, I can't understand the point of Evernote's such utter ignorance and stubbornness in not listening to their user base. They are not Apple. They are not Steve Jobs. Evernote needs to be agile and provide a service people will want to continue to use and especially pay for. Otherwise, as a service, people will simply go elsewhere. To the UX/UI designers at Evernote: take a moment and stop trying to do something 'cool' or 'award winning' or whatever 'you' want to do. Spend time on mockups that users want. It most certainly will suck. But start with what people want. *Then* start to hack away and refine it. This should be your number one goal. Ask yourselves: who asked for a Yosemite user interface? Seriously. If you go through your own forums, people are asking for simple things. NO ONE IS ASKING FOR MARKET PLACE. Who buys an Evernote mug??? Who is asking for Chat features? Really?
  14. +1 on the color picker. Even this post editor has an integrated color picker. This is 100x easier than the current 2013 version of Evernote. Any updates since 2012 on this?
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