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  1. +1 from me too. I wanted to take an axe to my PC this morning; all I was trying to do was to move some notes clipped from Clipper, into my various notebooks. It was just impossible. The developers have missed the whole point of how users use Evernote - it's for filing , storing and organising. If you make it difficult to organise items easily, its of no use to me. I've gone back to the original.
  2. agreed; Excellent critique. I can normally cope OK with upgrades to software interface; I'll perservere or look it up or youtube a tutorial or whatever to get the answers I need... but I think this particular 'improvement' has taken away the basic functionality of the product. Looks like it's been designed by someone who has never actually used Evernote or has no idea of the myriad ways in which users add to their notebooks. It seems to assume that we go in and type a note and file it in a notebook. Nope. Mostly, I use clipper and I clip stuff of interest as I go along, it goes to a default notebook and then at some point I open evernote and refile items from my default notebook in the relevant notebooks. Surely that's how many people work???. Yet the functionality of simply moving notes from one notebook to another is now a complete pain... Absolutely HATE the new look. Not at all user friendly on a PC; haven't tried it on my tablet yet but I can't see how it will be much different;
  3. I have to agree - I have been trying to get on with the beta version but it seems that the most basic function of moving notes to notebooks is virtually impossible. Like many people, I use Evernote Clipper to clip things of interest and they go to a default 'move stuff' notebook. In the original version, i just opened that notebook, selected items, and either drag/drop of use drop down arrow to select notebooks to file them in. voila! Now I open a note - the sidebar showing notebooks disappears - I've now realised there is drop down arrow at the top and I can file the note that way. OK, next note... So... how do I get back to my notes..???. or a different notebook.??? I click on various parts of the screen trying in vain to get the notebook sidebar or the rest of my notes in my 'move stuff' notebook... but I'm presented with a screen that seems to have no ability to move back to notebooks or other notes; all I can do is to file the note on my screen and then... nothing! After nearly taking an axe to my PC, I've now moved back to the old version.
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