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  1. @Pete I have tried a basic update through EN client = it didn't help I have downloaded the Evernote_5.8.5.7193.exe Then did a full un-install using revo un-installer in expert mode Restated my P.C Then did a full/fresh installation of the new EN.exe Then tried to resize the columns. And NO luck.... Thank you again for your help Cheers Regan
  2. Hi Frank We looked into Evernote Business and it is a great product. But the main concern with every one was that we don't our personal files on our work PC's. We don't want any personal .enex files search able on a work PC and work server. And then backed up to a work server on both cloud and physical back ups. No one wants that..... On the PC it is easy to keep EN Personal separate from EN Work and separate from EN Marketing Direct. At work, the work EN is loaded on the work PC (public account) If I need personal EN at work I just log in with chrome. If I need Marketing Direct EN at work I just log in with fire fox. At home my personal EN is loaded on my PC If I need Work EN I just log in with chrome. If I need Marketing Direct EN I just log in with fire fox or sign out and sign in with the other user on EN client. I just wanted the same for mobile. EN personal on the phone EN Work on Dolphin browser =mobile browser log in EN Marketing Direct Maxthon browser =mobile browser log in It's just a mobile log in. Thanks again for you efforts. Regards Regan
  3. Hi All Thank you for the effort again. My version of EN is (latest) on Windows 7.1 @ Frank.dg Hi Frank Here are my screen shots Full screen EN, 3/4 screen EN, and half screen EN. As you can see on half screen EN that is as wide as I can get the notebook column and note list column to go. @ csihilling You stated " Unless there is some registry value that forces fitting the column widths???" Thats what I thought I could change. When I manually shrink the EN screen from full screen to half screen all the columns change in size as I resize. Like about:config (in fire fox) that lists all the registry values @ DutchPete That was the first thing I tried. Should I try it again? Roll back a version? Thanks again for your efforts Respect Regan
  4. Hi Frank That is a good thought. But I have a little question. I have a personal/family evernote account that has all my bills, expenses, drop box links to family albums, personal diary and personal thoughts and ideas captured (thank you Evernote) That I don't want on my work PC. (yes some text is encrypted with pass code) I work for Company A, that has an it's own evernote account. That has all the client details, database and services log in details, legal documents, invoices, accounts. Work projects in-line, active work projects and completed work projects etc This account is "Public" to every one in the company to access. It is awesome to see work flow in, in real time. Every one has there own not book stack, but every one can all access it. Plus the Companies notebook stacks. Our work account is almost 2Gb and has over 5000 notes. As a company we don't want ALL that information on everyone's mobile phone. But access for the feild would be awesome. And thirdly I run a side project as marketing direct company that handles/receives 300-1200 new calls/clients each month. Thats 10-40 new notes/clients per day. I have a new notebook stack for every month, each stack has several note books that run for that month. And has been running for over 20 months. So you can imagine that note count! Is there a guide, link or tute that I can study and TRY and smoosh all these into one.....?? Thats why I would LOVE a mobile browser login. Because at any PC (at work, home, travel) I can log into my personal account (on lap top), open fire fox and open Company A's account, open chrome and log into Direct Marketings account and keep them separate. I cant imagine having ALL this on my mobile, (you cant store evernote on your SD card) Thank you for your effort Cheers Regan PS. I think it is hard to deny that a certain division between private and professional is an absolute necessity in some cases, in the same way most people have both a professional e-mail account as a private one.
  5. @ Pete You stated " it does not make sense to take up so much screen real estate for that left hand column" Umm, I don't follow. I have a new notebook stack for every month, each stack has several note books that run for that month. I click the note book I want (if I can read it) Press Ctrl+N, then copy and paste my template into it, fill it out. If I need to use more space for that note I just double click it and it opens to into its own window. @ csihilling If you are referencing the Notebook column in List View, I don't see the same behavior. = Yes that is what I am referencing If I expand the Notebook column in full screen mode, it stays the same if I toggle back and forth between Full and Half Screen, to the point of some scrolled off to the right. = thats what it used to do, but after the upgrade it is no more Actually I see the same behavior for the left panel as well. I don't know what would be changing the column widths on your EN = Thats why I asked if there was an about:config (like firefox) page I can access to change a default value so it will keep the width I want. Not one that the EN client sets. I can't change the notes list width or the note width in half screen either, other wise I would just shrink one of those columns and use the space for the notebook stack Thanks for the effort people Respect Regan
  6. Hey Pete Thanks for your effort. I have tried mving two columns and they do not move any larger when I use half screen evernote. They do move on full screen evernote, but when I resize it back to half screen they srink back. cheers Reagn
  7. Help! Please HELP!!! Hi evernote team I hope this email finds you alive and well. I love evernote and tell all that will listen about it and share my tips for power user. I have just updated evernote from 5.0.1?? to 5.8.5 (latest) for windows desktop client and now I can not increase the notebook column width as much as I need. Half the text is now dots!!! I use a 24' monitor and when I use evernote at full screen I can widen the column to my desired width, but when I put it back to half screen I loose that width back to dots. I work with half screens, one for evernote it self and the other for the evernote-note that I am working on. Is there and about:config setting/page I can access and change a minimal value? Maybe shirk the notes snippets view? One of my side projects I run is a marketing data base and with about 300-1200 new contacts per month. I enter the details in after each call. I organize them by way of Company (note book stack) / Year and Month(2015 Jan-Dec). And their info - (new paid, non lead, RFI =request further info, etc (notebook) So my note book stacks looks like this Marketing Direct Clients Jan 2015 (notebook stack) 2015 Jan - new paid & booked (notebook) 2015 Jan - new paid & booking needed (notebook) 2015 Jan - invoiced (notebook) 2015 Jan - non lead/finished (notebook) 2015 Jan - RFI (notebook) Marketing Direct Clients Feb 2015 (notebook stack) 2015 Feb - new paid & booked (notebook) 2015 Feb - new paid & booking needed (notebook) 2015 Feb - invoiced (notebook) 2015 Feb - non lead/finished (notebook) 2015 Feb - RFI (notebook) Marketing Direct Info (notebook stack) AA @ Inbox (notebook) Action list (notebook) Templates (notebook) = I really LOVE templates Etc So my note book name and name list is very long/wide. Now I cant see half the details. Please help Should I roll back the version. I have googled for help, searched the forum and cant find anything. Lots of respect Regan
  8. Hey Every One If you have come here looking the answer for the question I posted above. It has now been half resolved / solved. You need to install an app on your PC and phone like Jump desktop or VNC viewer (their are plenty choice is yours) and log into you PC and access the notes you need. The cons on this process is 1. You cant copy and paste text from one to the other. PC to phone = the work around is to then send/share the note you need to email, then open your gmail or hotmail and it is there. 2. Your PC has to be on!!! and online...... 3. It is a little slow and fiddly.. Dont ask me why you CAN NOT log in on a mobile browser. It is freaking annoying! Most people have 2 or more evernote accounts Personal/Family/work 1/work 2 (yes some people have 2 jobs) And a SIMPLE mobile log in would cover this need VERY easily. Also a big thanks to Frank and his super helpful hints about sharing a notebook for preplanned notes needed. Awesome Frank : ) Cheers All Regan
  9. Thank you again Frank Evernote is awesome, but it has some way to go. I thought that a mobile log in would a "natural" feature. I'll look into the two step security feature, but to be honest I really do not want our projects, project history, client details, account details, and all our valuable data instantly search-able by some one who "finds" my phone. Thanks again for the idea, I'll implement it during the easter break. Regards Regan
  10. Hi Frank Thank you for a full answer and fast reply. No log in!!! That is a REAL shame............ Why would this be??? It is supposed to be a mobile world. I love evernote and tell all that will listen about it. But I just can not fathom, that you can not log into your account on a mobile. I would have never in million years thought that to be true. (I know you can get as far as your account page) ((And NO I do not want my work evernote on my phone, what if you lost your phone. All your data is there!!)) I love the idea/suggestion that you gave me for sharing a note book. That is awesome : ) I'll use that for pre-planned notes that I need. But some times you need to just look through work report while out and about. Thank you for your effort Regards Regan PS. I thought that I might be able to load my work account onto and SD card, but you cant. You can not save your data to an SD card . https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168602
  11. Hi Benson Thank you for a very fast reply. I already have the evernote app on my android phone. And it is linked to my family account. My phone is almost full and if I load the work account on to my phone it will over fill it. My work account is almost 2Gb. I just need to check some notes. Can you log in on android mobile browser? Can it be done?
  12. Hi evernote team I hope this email finds you alive and well. I have a VERY simple question How do you log into evernote account on a mobile browser for Android Like Maxthon, Dolphin etc On my mobile browser i try this page https://www.evernote.com/Login.action And it says "Sorry, Evernote Web is not supported on android browsers" So I try this page https://www.evernote.com/register click sign in enter my details and it says "Incorrect username and/or password" Later it says "service unavailable" When I click the link sign in https://www.evernote.com/AuthorizedServices.action It takes me to my account settings page. (on my phone) It says "Signed in as ######" (my account) but i can't get to my notes! How do you do it??? I have work account and a family account. And some times I need my work notes (evernote) on my phone. The work evernote has over four thousand notes, files and the like. I don't need it on my phone (and dont want it on my phone). I just need to access some notes some time!!!! Please help me Regards Regan
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