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  1. Thanks for the move, apologies as had assumed this might be an issue in the Windows app too! thanks Gazumped! That would indeed have been a smart habit when i began note taking but I now have some hundreds of notes that I'd rather not edit one by one!
  2. Really simple complaint - while I can see the point of the new rolling note titles in the latest update for Mac (by which I mean that the titles now hover over the note content as you scroll down), now all of my notes - most of which have quite long names - have their titles cut off, to keep them within a single line view. Now the only way to view the latter part of a note title (as far as I can tell) is to actually scroll through the title with your cursor or CMD+Right, which is a minor annoyance but also a fairly basic organisational flaw, as I usually finish my note summaries of articles (for research) with the publication year. Now I have to check each note individually to see this info! Am I alone in finding this irritating? Or have I just missed a blatant workaround? Thanks!
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