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  1. That's handy! I'd still like to see this changed in the next update though
  2. Thanks for the move, apologies as had assumed this might be an issue in the Windows app too! thanks Gazumped! That would indeed have been a smart habit when i began note taking but I now have some hundreds of notes that I'd rather not edit one by one!
  3. Really simple complaint - while I can see the point of the new rolling note titles in the latest update for Mac (by which I mean that the titles now hover over the note content as you scroll down), now all of my notes - most of which have quite long names - have their titles cut off, to keep them within a single line view. Now the only way to view the latter part of a note title (as far as I can tell) is to actually scroll through the title with your cursor or CMD+Right, which is a minor annoyance but also a fairly basic organisational flaw, as I usually finish my note summaries of articles (for research) with the publication year. Now I have to check each note individually to see this info! Am I alone in finding this irritating? Or have I just missed a blatant workaround? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, Apologies for adding ANOTHER buggy formatting complaint to the pile - I am aware these problems are tricky and well-discussed already, but can't find a solution to my now longstanding annoyances with copying and pasting text to and from Evernote. Specifically, I am finding frequently that pasting text from .pdf documents into Evernote (which I always do with shift+cmd+v to adjust to EverNote format) will sometimes look fine in the OSX editor, but then when I paste it into another editor (in my cases usually Pages), there will be weird formatting issues -- most commonly line breaks between words, which are impossible to delete. So I'll paste a paragraph into EverNote, copy that paragraph later and paste into Pages, and there will be big gaps between words that defy all logic! I've also realised that the spaces that appear correspond to the line breaks on the original .pdf (see attached files) Pasting the text into TextEdit and converting to Plain Text does not resolve the issue, the gaps are still there even on TextEdit. Forgive me if this is a frequently-cited issue, I couldn't find a similar forum post. Also forgive me if this is a basic error, I'm no expert in the terminology and code of text formatting. Thanks! Callum I've included files of the copy and pasted paragraph in its original pdf, on Evernote and on TextEdit, to show how the formatting changes
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