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  1. I have been a Premium user for several years. I paid for an additional year in December and they applied the payment to the wrong account. I eventually got Evernote to acknowledge the problem but they would not make the change on their end. Finally, they offered to refund my payment so I could charge the same amount to the right email address. However, they never sent me my money back and they revoked my Premium status. I have since been unable to get anyone to respond. This is ludicrous! There is very little help and virtually no follow up! I would advise others to find a different pr
  2. I used the email address below to contact EN. My contact was Max P. I found him responsive, but he did deny EN was responsible. Hope this helps. support-webform@evernote.com
  3. I bought my ScanSnap ix500 about 10 days ago and joined Evernote as a Premium user. I have exactly the same problem everyone else is experiencing. Evernote has stopped trying to trouble shoot my (our) issue and has referred me to ScanSnap. They opened a Level 3 inquiry and have promised a response by tomorrow. Since this is there highest level of Technical Assistance I hope it works, because the scanner is going back to ScanSnap on Friday if there is no fix. Unbelievable really.
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