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  1. I recieved one of those evernote emails stating to change my email due to suspicious behavior,  I knew it was a spam! I never clicked on it, I haven't used Evernote in ages! It came from " team@email.evernote.com

    If you see "TEAM " in front of @ its FAKE!! To be on the safe side I went to the app itself and changed my password just incase, and reset and revoke, and i logged out and uninstall the app because  I haven't used it in ages! 

    Screenshot_20190305-024031_Yahoo Mail.jpg

    Screenshot_20190305-024038_Yahoo Mail.jpg

    1. Rich Tener

      Rich Tener

      Hi sunya, this is not spam. This was from us and is legitimate. The important part of verifying the email is not the name before the @. It's the domain after the @. In this case emails.evernote.com is an official Evernote domain that we send email from. You can verify this by checking out this page:  https://evernote.com/security/tips

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