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  1. Mr. Tener you have send an email to me and I assume other Evernote users on windows to upgrade to new version of evernote out of security reasons. "Evernote for Windows Update Required". 

    Are you aware that after version 6.5.4, ever version is unstable for work because it has bugs all over the place. Features not working or missing etc. Its been a source of frustration for everyone in the past six months and every release is less stable than the previous one, no matter if its beta or not, its all alpha. That is the reason I'm staying with 6.5.4 because I can actually get work done. Am I to understand that you are forcing users to upgraded to buggy unstable release now. Which is not safe for work. I repeat not safe for work. Last update I lost data. 

    The original announcement is here. 


    1. AndreasM


      We should all boycott any new version of Evernote on any device. They are all buggy. Evernote you should fix the security update for the old versions, if you are unable to produce a bug free version.

      We are paying you for nothing. I'm not going to be your tester. You feel comfortable doing this and throwing all the bugs on us because of all the gurus here defending you and accepting everything you throw at them. And in the process they (the gurus here) are making false statement like for some of them the Android clipper was working whereas it was not working for everybody else.

      I am disgusted with this and the constant reading of more and more bugs coming with new version!!!!!!

    2. Krunoslav


      I totally agree with you. this is unacceptable. I did boycott the new version by staying with old 6.5.4. Now these geniuses are forcing everyone to upgrade to unstable, insecure buggy version. Each new version more unstable and buggy than the last. I'm not even sure how that is possible, but evernote its the new normal. And no one can be reach in Evernote. They all went silent. I'm a paying user, one of many and we are being treated like this. Come on, what is wrong with you evernote. Talking about booking a trip on titanic. This company has to tank, its heading head first to ice berg. Just beyond frustrated and disappointed. 

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