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  1. We just released EverMail: http://www.chungwasoft.com/blogpost/2014/09/with-evermail-you-can-easily-create-notes-from-your-emails/ There is also a special release discount until September 30th.
  2. The beta of EverMail should work now: http://www.chungwasoft.com/evermail/
  3. Here we go! ChungwaSoft just released a BETA version of EverMail, an Evernote plugin for Apple's Mail application. It allows to easily create Evernote notes from your email messages. Please have a look at http://www.chungwasoft.com/evermail/ If you have feature requests, bug reports or other comments, please don't hesitate to use our forum at http://www.chungwasoft.com/support/community/ or send an email to support@chungwasoft.com - We want to make this plugin as useful as possible and we need as much feedback as possible to do so!
  4. We at ChungwaSoft ( http://www.chungwasoft.com ) are currently working on such a plugin. Please send an email to support@chungwasoft.com to get access to early beta versions. If you have feature requests, ideas etc. then send an email to the same email address :-)
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