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  1. I'm also looking for handwriting integration into Evernote. I use handwriting in OneNote at work on a daily basis but use Evernote for organizing my personal life. I would love support for this.
  2. This has been driving me nuts as well! I would love to be able to set a timeout period so I don't have to keep entering my PIN so frequently.
  3. I'm seeing "Press -> to go to "[title of next note]"" and I'm able to click it to move to the next note in my notebook. Pressing right arrow also moves me to the next note. I'm noticing this behavior, too. A new task starts every time I enter presentation mode.
  4. I was just testing out presentation mode in the new prerelease version of Evernote and noticed that all of my attachments show up as a broken image icon (see attached). An addition to that, clicking that icon brings up a blank dark screen rather than properly showing a preview of the document. Is this happening to anyone else?
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