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  1. Same error here. Evernote had better find a way to make it work properly ASAP.
  2. Many thanks. These tips have greatly eased sorting out a folder of 300+ scanned docs.
  3. That notation works and is useful, thank you. (they should still fix the bugs though)
  4. Click on a notebook. Go to the search field. Select "Search Current Context". Type in a term that matches a tag and select that tag. The current context is completely ignored. Is Evernote abandonware??
  5. Thanks but unfortunately that doesn't help because there is still no way to examine a subsequent note after selecting the first one, without losing the selection. Unless you mean I should apply the tag to each note indivually using Ctrl-Alt-T. The work-around I found was to create two destination folders and then move every note out of the original folder. That way at least when I do move multiple note the change fact that it scrolls up to the top isn't a problem. Then at the end, I move everything from the temporary folder back to the original. I note that you are a community guru - but have you got anything to do with Evernote? Will they even see my post? Thanks.
  6. Hi. I am trying to work through a long list of notes selecting particular and then moving the whole selection over to a different notebook. It is proving very slow and unproductive due to two problems: 1. There is no way to select a note and then move on to another note while keeping the first note selected. I can select a second note using Ctrl-click but I cannot examine the second note closely because to fully select it I have to lose the old selection. 2. If I select one note and drag it to another notebook, my position in the original list is maintained. If however I select two or more notes and drag them to a new notebook, my position in the first list jumps to the top. This is super-frustrating when working my way through a few hundred notes. The notes I want to select and move are typically in sequences of 2 to 6. I really get the feeling that the people programing the interface do not use it themselves in any serious way!
  7. Thank you Jefito. You are right on both counts. I still have a use for the manual way because then it is still organised per-notebook instead of in one long list. There is a significant glitch with using drag-and-drop to change the reminderOrder.
  8. In the main notes view (select "Notes" on the left hand side) the notes with reminders appear at the top. There is no option to order them by reminder-time. The order can be set by dragging notes up and down individually, which is what I try to do. But dragging notes to a position in the list does not work properly. You have to drag twice or three times, and the action changes the position of other notes in the list. It is very frustrating with a list of more than 10 or 11 items. Something is going wrong with the index position in the list. Needs to be fixed.
  9. If you are impatient like me, you will just install AutoHotKey from http://www.autohotkey.com/ and put in a mapping like F1::Send {F3}{Escape}{Escape} I've even done one to edit the created date. F4::Click 415,598
  10. I think Evernote may be acting in what it sees as its own best commercial interests: if tags from different notebooks are hidible then notebooks become so independent that partners, a family, or a small business could use one Evernote account for multiple people working entirely as if they had separate accounts, so long as they are not concerned about privacy within the group of users. That could impact on Evernote's income stream.
  11. Interesting. I have only been using Evernote for two months, so I have never used version 4. Nevertheless I found this thread because I was looking for a way to keep tags that applied to my company notebook separate from those that applied to my personal one. I think this old feature might have done the trick quite perfectly. Oh well! Instead I have used sub-tags. I have a top-level tag "company-notebook" and all company tags are under that. And "main-notebook" and all normal tags are under that. Some tags pertain to both, e.g. "receipts" and I leave those at the top level of the tag tree. I guess I will periodically have to herd new top-level tags down into the tree structure, which probably just means deciding for each tag whether it belongs under main-notebook or company-notebook. I do nest some tags more deeply as well though. For me personally, I find that spending a bit of time structuring my tag tree helps me to get a good sense of what I have stored away. I can understand that others may not want to spend time "herding tags". The main point of this post is to point out that tags can be arranged into a tree structure (by dragging and dropping in the left hand pane), and that this can form a solution even if not an ideal one.
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