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  1. Hi Damian! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I recently switched from iOS to Android and am loving it. Evernote for Gear is still not working for me- I apologize, but it seems really convoluted to make a note into a checklist in the software offhand, especially when starting with the truly convenient menu bar shortcut to EN in Mavericks. But I'm new to the software and this is another matter entirely. More importantly and simply- Ideally, I'd like to use the menu bar shortcut of Evernote, to generate a short note or checklist and just have that sync to my Note 3 and Gear. Just wanting to keep it simple... it seems like it goes to the Note 3 ok, especially if it's a reminder or checklist, but still, I can't figure out the consistency or trigger for the EN Gear app to work correctly, even with short 3 letter notes.. I get Hangouts, G+, FB, Twitter, email, SMS, etc. notifications, no trouble at all.. To answer your question directly, I do see some of my unchecked checklists on the Gear, but not all, even the 3 letter ones, even after manually syncing from both the desktop and the Note 3 app.
  2. I have a Galaxy Gear and a Note 3. I use Evernote on those devices and with OSX Mavericks. Everything was working well, but now, possibly due to the latest Gear update, I can't see any recent notes or checklists on the Gear using Evernote, which is a key feature for me.. yes I have restarted both devices and yes I have re-installed. Even if I create a note on the Gear, it will sync to the Note 3 and Desktop, but doesn't show up on the Gear? Any thoughts on this Damian? Thanks in Advance, Dustin
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