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  1. I'm using the 'all new' version of Evernote. Is there any way to customize the sidebar like we used to be able to? I want to remove items such as Work Chat and Shared With Me that are of no use to me and only take up space that I can put to better use.
  2. I recently updated to vn 6.10 and have never had so many intermittent formatting problems within notes. Won't let me delete or add rows/columns in tables. Context box overlapping text in notes (even after I turned Context off in Preferences) Cutting and pasting text works sometimes and not others. Likewise bold / italics. Bullets and numbering doing weird things too e.g. I start a list with a line of text numbered 1, hit return and instead of it dropping down to #2 on list, it renumbers the first line as 2, but still keeps the #1 there. It's frustrating and wasting a
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