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  1. After spending six hours researching all the forums, I have finally determined that the above titled capabilities, among others involving printing, still do not exist even though they have been requested since at least 2012. I use EN for all my work notes; I am a Project Engineer and Maintenance Manager for a food manufacturing company. I keep all my project notes by project in single notes. When the project is done, I would like to print the project summary (costs, issues, contacts, etc) to send it up the management chain. Page breaks would make it look imminently better, whether on paper or by PDF. I know this is more than a Windows version issue, but one has to start somewhere. #Windows, #PageBreak, #PageNumber, #Printing (Sorry, I don't know how to show the neat little tags people have on their ideas, so I reverted to hashtags)
  2. Just for sake of annoyance, I will also add my "me too!" on the Surface crashes. At least to my limited observations, it seems to have something to do with the number of notes being synced. When I first loaded it, it worked "fine" (in quotes because I think the app itself is unsatisfactory compared to other platforms). It did not crash for a couple months. After the first crash, i uninstalled/reinstalled and it worked OK, though for a shorter time. As my number of notes has grown, the time between needing to uninstall/reinstall continues to become shorter. It is now down to a couple days. The sad part is, the Surface is my primary meeting note-taking equipment.
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