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  1. Please read post #2. WRT V5 being an "absolute disaster", I would disagree. It may have some faults. But I use it several times a day, every day & have a lot of notes & have yet to find anything all that bad about it. Thanks for your reply. I use Evernote for GTD and as a mood board (images & photos) and v5 is useless for this usage with UI changes and Card view. Whoever came with idea "Let's take 1600x1200 image and don't resize it, just crop the center" must be tarred and feathered. After some trials and errors and bit of hacking I was able to downgrade to v4.6, so problem is solved for now, but I'm looking for alternative.
  2. Does anybody find out the way to downgrade from 5 to 4.6 with local notes? I made a huge mistake and upgraded to Evernote 5, which is absolute disaster. I tried to install Evernote 4.6, but it doesn't work with v5 database.
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