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  1. This doesn't work on the macOS client as of version 6.10. For example: I want to create a note to help me call my house, senate, and state senate and state delegates. Evernote could just let me CMD+K and type "tel:555-555-5510". Instead, well, I have to re-key the phone numbers into my phone every time I want to make a call. Footnote: I would at least like to explicitly opt into using unsupported url schema. This "safety" prohibition prevents a huge number of edge enhancements to the Evernote network. It'd be extremely useful to me to be able to add a link for FileMaker
  2. Just because it's open source or free software doesn't mean it can't be commercial. That only means that you have to make the source code available to anyone who asks. If nothing else, you could stick a donation button in a Github readme). By the way, this is pretty awesome. I've been using the Evernote for Sublime Text package and I've been debating putting in the time to try porting it to Atom. You appear to have gone even further on features than my favorite Sublime Text package in many ways.
  3. Although there isn't a way to do this in the Evernote client itself, ENML (the XML format Evernote notes are saved as) does provide a way. As a result, I've gotten kinda spoiled using bordaigorl's Sublime plugin for Evernote. It lets you write in Markdown, which gets converted to ENML when sent to Evernote. So, you can use block quotes and pre-formatted text blocks, in addition to various other XHTML tags that you don't normally get access to in the Evernote client. I think the easiest way to fake this in the current Evernote client is to make a 1x1 table. This will give you a box and some ma
  4. It looks like in Yosemite and/or with the Evernote ScanSnap, it's possible to wind up with ENML that the original version of my script won't work on. I've updated the script to handle this situation. Specifically, the problem is that PDFs are saved to Evernote as "Unnamed File Attachment". It turns out that sometimes the filename is actually a string of invalid UTF-8 characters (0xCA 0xCA 0xCA 0xCA). For example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM "http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml2.dtd"><en-note><div><en-media type=
  5. Since I posted that link back in January, I've taken to using this feature a lot. The problem is just getting the link out of Mail in a decent form. Once you've got the link you can throw it in Evernote, throw it in Things, TextEdit, or whatever, and it'll just magically work both in iOS and OS X. The message link should technically be a URN, but it's formatted as a URL. The format is message://<message-id>, with the angle brackets. However, to get consistent results the angle brackets need to be encoded (that's %3c and %3e). Anyhow, here's some AppleScript. I throw thi
  6. I agree that Evernote has more important fish to fry, but they do place a lot of importance on PDF handling in Evernote. They do this to the extent that they added inline PDF annotation, and they did this despite having developer access to Yosemite and recognizing that Apple would add their own system-wide PDF annotation extension in Yosemite. Evernote wanted PDF annotation that would work across platforms. One of the killer Evernote Premium features is priority OCR, which, while useful for the occasional JPEG and photograph of a bookshelf, really gets most of its use in PDFs. So, somethin
  7. I don't think there is a way to to get the dates directly. Unless someone else knows of a way you would probably need to make an applescript to do that. I only toyed with applescript with EN so I couldn't really make one for you. I actually wrote a script to import your Finder selection as individual Evernote notes and posted here a while back. It copies the file creation and modification timestamp from the original file and saves the original file path in the Source URL field.
  8. I totally agree about wanting a merge feature. Like JMichael, I don't like Evernote's way of merging notes very much. This is especially useful when using a ScanSnap with the occasional thick stack that has to be hand-fed because of low grade paper. You can easily wind up with several notes in Evernote that ought to contain a single multi-page PDF. So, I think I solved the problem on my blog. I wrote an AppleScript to join multiple PDFs across multiple notes into a single new note with a single PDF. This script will join PDFs in the order they appear in Evernote—by notes, and by at
  9. I found a page with some more information and a script for clipping Mail message URLs into Evernote. If anyone wants something more tailored to their needs I'll see what I can cook up.
  10. It seems like a pretty serious omission from the keyboard shortcuts. If you get a better answer I'll be very interested. The best method I've found so far is: CMD+Option+F to Search Notes Return to move focus to Notes listIf you don't modify the search results then the search will be populated with the search for your current set of notes, and the focus will be left on the same note. To go the other way, I have to do something similar to get into the note, because I can't stand hitting FN to hit the function keys. You can do this: CMD+F to Search This Note Escape to move focus to note b
  11. I really love the idea. I store code snippets in Evernote already, but they lose all formatting and syntax highlighting, and *sometimes* indentation. We know ENML can handle it since syntax highlighted code you clip from the web comes through with the same formatting. What might work as a patch is a web app based on the existing javascript syntax highlighting libraries out there. You could repurpose an existing app to clip to Evernote, or if somebody puts some real elbow grease into it, Evernote Cloud API could be used.
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