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  1. For all the devs listening out there: Love the utility of Evernote: have used it almost exclusively for my first semester of law school (obviously very extensive use!) However, it is very difficult to continue to use it, and at this point I must switch to MS Word. I've had significant issues with using expanded bullet and numbered lists. I try to export to Word and there are not insignificant formatting problems. (Yes, HTML export and copy-paste is available, and yet when opened/pasted into MS Word it still leaves extra bullet marks after every list indent. This requires extensive manual deletion if you're trying to save printing costs and space). Because of this hassle - almost exclusively - I will switch until its fixed and use my Word files with Dropbox. (Word files can also be exported to a number of different additional formats). I could live with the inability to format notes if it printed correctly or I had some flexibility there. I could live with it if it was simply the weird way the bullet lists glitch. I just have to have more ability to format lists and their printing format the way I need it. Good luck and I'll see you when it's fixed!
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