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  1. Thanks I did not know that. I had checked for updates but seems the new version is not yet on the app store. Just installed 5.6.2 beta and have my fingers crossed!
  2. I first posted on this topic almost a year ago, and am astounded that still EN is completely BUGGY with regard to bulleted and numbered lists. If they can't make it work then they should remove the option. This is not a new feature request, it's a serious bug in a feature that has been around for years, and one that clearly a lot of people use and are irritated with. It's really very simple - when using bullets for more than 1 minute, EN will corrupt your document in one way or another. No need to repeat all the ways, since many good examples have been given in this post. I'm not asking f
  3. I found this post because after two years I've finally lost my mind over the really quite outrageous formatting issues with Evernote. The name of the product is EverNOTE, so it really should be able to do basic formatting of notes without essentially losing information. Sometimes I don't even realize how much it has messed up a bulleted list until I go back to review it later and then realize that a note that I shared with someone else makes almost no sense because notes/bullets that were related to one area are in a different area of my document. This is maddening. I have recommended EN t
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