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  1. Ok, I see I overnootebooked and overtagged. Fantastic system, to tag articles related to current project with project name. I begin reducing the notebooks number by collapsing into very broad categories. Gues I am still used with folder system with many levels. A little drawback is that on mobile cant easily filter by tag. I will put confidence in the excellent search feature. Now I'll rename every article I catch. Thanks for suggestions!
  2. OviX

    Hello everyone

    Hello evernoters I am an enthusiast academic teacher researcher from Eastern Europe and just discovered the miraculous program. Hope to find here uses of EN in my field, to cut off the clutter. Ovidiu
  3. I just discovered Evernote and kinda become a fan, mostly after watching your videos. You've done a fantastic job. I think part of the success is due to the personal development ingredients. I confess I never really succeed to determine myself to do the right to thing, although generally I am so passionate of my work that I stay after hours just to study one problem or another and to try the best way to write that article... A bit about me. I am in the research / teaching field in an University of Medicine in a small town in Romania. Because all other medical centers have more research experience the get all research money. So we have to rely on what we have, few equipment and reagents. So, to compensate we must found new ways to help the senior researchers and to try to get to as many conferences as we can, to absorb very much information and to write good research papers that could be published. I work in the microbiology field and do a lot of online scanning for ideas for my classes and books and conference papers and so on. No problem, but on top of it we must do other things, like some paperwork for faculty, cause I'm the assistant of department head, and also the assistant/secretary of the chief of medical analysis laboratory (the same person) . In the laboratory more paperwork, a lot of small routine things that kinda disrupt her and mine focus of mind and at the end of the day we look back and realized that we've done very little, so we stay more to Finnish the scientific part that is always neglected. I take online classes about all this, waiting, statistics, genetics, managing but I apply to little. So, I discovered evernote from a lecture podcast in which a US professor mentioned how it helped him when he attended a conference, so I grabbed it but let it go cause I have a very slow Android phone. Recently I buyer a tablet, rediscovered evernote and went to a conference where I played more with it. Now about how I organized the system. From 10 years I was searching for some way to synchronize the files between the many computers I have to work. In research and especially in theory one must classify the information he finds in various articles on the same subject. Let's say I study a microbe, let's say staphylococcus, resistance to antibiotics. I must go online and find a description of bacteria, collect many pictures to choose from, find some recent articles about the resistance other researchers encountered, then find old articles to compare the evolution of resistance over time, then analyze statistically my data, compare my results with theirs, and thinking I can bring something new? With manual methods in a world of automated wonders. All these in a bits of time between two classes, two lab tests. Etc. So I'm a researcher, teacher, statistician, designer, lab technician, secretary etc. A different wonder why I didn't excel on any of these. Is my head to small? I permanently doing something, thinking, writing on a piece of paper etc. So in evernote I begin with catalogating information ability. I recreated a bit my folder structure using notebooks. So I have: a doc stack with notebooks on the main interest domain; a personal stack with notes on bills, fotoid, contact info like business cards, To-do lists; a research stack with results, grants opened, opportunities, a notes stack with notes on conferences, presentations, books, articles. Now what I wonder: Q1. In the old computer I had a separated folder on pictures. Now it seems more logical to mix them with text articles and Web clippings. Q2. In the old computer I had a folder with research projects. Seems logical for each project to make a notebook. How should I link the notebook with the relevant articles in the documents stack? Through tags. But if I have a project about antibiotics resistance, I should do separate tags for every bacteria and for every antibiotic used in a project. If I use 10 antibiotics on 10 bacteria that means 20 tags for a note. Nice if you could tag notebooks. I want to easy retrieve the info, evernote to show me that 10 years ago I have studied same bacteria, together with another 19, but I can go to that article and extract the data for bacteria I am interested in. Should I rely on the full text search inside the note or attached documents? I already have 100+ tags and 70 notebooks. And I reviewed just a quarter of my hard drive information. I discovered I had many duplicates, because one time thought that the article belongs to that field, another time I put a similar article in another place cause I thought differently about where it belongs. Or my boss thought different. That's exactly I desperately need the tagging structure of evernote. Just this for now, I see a million problems in transferring my work in evernote and I'm in the process of watching videos and hopefully some of them will resolve. Seems like more information I throw in, more rewarding it gets. Maybe I'll write them in a list as they arose, but I don't wanna bother you with a 10 pages letter. Hope to find here fellow academic researcher who use this prog and share there thoughts Respectfully
  4. OK, resolved by support. They saw I have used the points and restored the premium status. Still, an advice for other people who want to use points to prolong subscription: first let subscription expire, then use the points.
  5. I am positive I selected 1 month Premium, not another gig. Plus I had view on account usage i have 30 days left in cycle. . I replied to a support ticket I opened yesterday for sunc with this new problem and waiting for response. I will tell you folks the sollution. Now I'm totally dependent of Premium features and very unhappy.
  6. I have a BIG problem. My Premium 1 month paid subscription expired on 2.01.2014. So in the morning of that day, before expiration, having used all traffic i was unable to upload anything. So I used 10 points from refferal program for 1 month premium. The counter resetet and I had 30 days of Premium and 1 Gigabyte. Oddly, the change reflected only on desktop computer, not on another computer, even after sync. At some point even showed the old info (expires today message). Then it stabilized to 30 days remaining in cycle and 800 MB (i have uploaded 200 MB) on all devices. Then after midnight (local time) i received a message that Premium expired and i was stuck with free account. am free and with 60 MB. I thought this might happen, but i didn't have patience to wait till Premium expires to use the points. When I used the points a warning message appeared saying something about subscription expiration, but I didn't payed attention. My card is empty now so I'm out of options. Please advise
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