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  1. Ditto. The latest revs of FF seem to breaking clipping a PDF opened inside FF on a regular basis. The Evernote team needs to address this recurring issue promptly. It's one of the reason I use and pay for the Evernote service. Uninstalling and reinstalling has not resolved the issue and I have been lucky to have not issues until the past 3-4 weeks. I'm running W10/latest updates + Evernote / latest / paid. + FF / latest (64.0). The best work around I've found which seems to work is below: Manually download the PDF from the web page Locate the file, RMB and then select "Send to Evernote" Have a great day! Later.
  2. THANK YOU! This fixed the FF 26 issue - works for me as well!
  3. I had a similar issue when I was upgrading to the beta version of the button and I had to go make sure that I re-enabled the plug-in. Have you checked to amke sure that it is still enabled? Yes. It is enabled, still not back on the toolbar.
  4. Hi. Reporting same issue Chenzo, exact same screens after updating FF to 26.0, rebooting etc.. However, after being frustrated with it not working, I removed the Webclipper, restarted FF, then reinstall the Webclipper plugin and now, well it says it is it is installed but there's no icon in the toolbar anymore. Thanks.
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