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  1. I found something tonight that really surprised me! I am emailing support with this problem. For the past 3 months, my Evernote has been Ever Slow. It's been horrible. I work a lot in the Evernote environment, so to have my main "To Do" list take several seconds per letter typed was too much to handle. I even started using text files syncing with dropbox, and even just iOS Notes, because Evernote was SO SLOW. (My 3 systems are an iMac with 32GB of Ram, a MacBook Pro, and an iPhone 5s. Very fast machines and devices. No excuses why Evernote should have been running so dang slow!) I had searched and searched in vain, but tonight I discovered the problem! My To Do note was 29,600+ lines long!?! It should be around 800 or 900 tops, and always updating and deleting, so I was shocked! Turns out I have been getting these errors: Conflicting modification onConflicting modification onConflicting modification on [** Random dates here **]: It would then automatically copy the note above it and append it to the end. Wow That's just crazy. So after a few of these "Conflicting Modification on..." errors, and exponentially I was crashing my system. EXPONENTIALLY. So, I copied the text into a text file, deleted the To Do list, and my Evernote it back!!!!! MY EVERNOTE IS NOT SLOW ANYMORE! Now, if I can just prevent that from happening again, then I will be happier than happy. I hope this helps someone out there, because I was done with Evernote because it was so slow. Now I'm back to Fast Fast Fast.
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