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  1. fhapgood

    Conflicting Modifications

    A whole lot better than nothing, though. Thanks!
  2. fhapgood

    Conflicting Modifications

    I think I do this. But I will try harder. Is there a web page anywhere on the EN site that addresses conflicting modifications? I can't seem to find it. Thanks.
  3. I hate these. Is there a help page anywhere that tells me how to avoid them? I dont think I understand the core idea. I would think that if you have devices A, B, and C, and B and C require manual updating, and you make a change on B but forget to update, and then make another change on C and do update, the change you made on B would appear as a conflicting modification on C. But it doesn't seem to work that way. The whole process confuses me... Fred Hapgood
  4. fhapgood

    multiple users

    I would like to use Evernote to maintain a file that both me and my wife could read and write to. But when I enter text I cannot see where to enter the data that would give my wife R&W access. I know it is there somewhere. A link to the help files discussing this feature is all I need.
  5. How do I make a nested hierarchy of notebooks? Say I have the following notebooks: red, yellow and blue. I want red to be listed inside yellow -- like a note -- and yellow inside blue. Is this possible? What search terms do I use to retrieve the appropriate help files??
  6. fhapgood

    horizontal lines

  7. fhapgood

    horizontal lines

    I think this is a very simple question. How do I draw horizontal lines of varying lengths between paragraphs? I can draw a single line between texts on the version of Evernote that runs in the cloud but I can't change it, and I don't seem to be able to draw any kind of line on the version of Evernote running on my iPad Air.
  8. So, I have a PC/Windows 7/Chrome browser. Recently I installed an Evernote app -- do you call them that in a PC context? -- on it and it seems to work fine. Even more recently I got an ipad and tried to install Evernote on it. However I noticed that my ipad was not synching with the PC. So I deleted the EN app and reinstalled it. When I tried to open it it said it couldn't find the internet. Plus I see that it has created two Evernote apps. Both are dark. Neither works. (Nothing happens when I press them.) And I can't delete them. So my major problem is deleting these apps. Ignore this message. I rebooted the iPad and progress is being made.
  9. fhapgood

    (Archived) Creating New Notebook

    I have the same problem though probably with a different diagnosis. I am using a PC (Windows 7, Chrome) to access Evernote. I need to create a notebook (folder) and I just don't see how to do that. The only '+' I see on my screen says 'Note,' and if I click on it a Note is what I get. That's it. What do I do? Is this a PC thing? Update: I checked my iPad and the Notebook option is right there. But now I see a larger issue: my PC and my ipad are not synchronizing. This is not good.
  10. What is the simplest way of moving a file from Pages -- this is Apple's answer to Word -- to Evernote? I have an IPad Air. I also have a PC background which means I don't necessarily know what any of these terms mean. Never mind. I seem to have blundered into a solution.