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  1. I'm just following this thread out of a perverse curiosity at just how long it'll take for a company to admit and/or fix a mistake. It's pretty stunning the lack of regard that Evernote is showing its customers.
  2. Getting this popup multiple times per day. Not acceptable. The apparent lack of care on the part of the Evernote team? Downright terrible. Extension: gone!
  3. I was not premium last week, just as I was not the week before or the week before that. (or this week). I'm hoping that somebody can explain the inconsistent behavior here.
  4. Here's a screenshot of a notebook that I did it with last week: https://dumpyourphoto.com/photo/q7ikEItUp0
  5. I have a stack of notebooks that I'm sharing with students, with the idea that they can edit the notes, store info there, etc. I set up maybe 15 of these last week. I shared four of them with students and other teachers last week, giving them permission to edit and share and invite others. Today, I tried to do the same thing, but it has a message about only being able to do this as a premium user. Did that just change?
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