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  1. The problem is, like with many applications, that they simply can't stop developing. Must always add or "improve" features, eventually loading the application with so much specialization that it's not useful for its original purpose. I started using Evernote for two reasons: portability of notes across devices and the Web Clipper. I have maybe used the table feature about twenty times out of thousands of notes. But now I am considering dumping the product (and I pay for premium because of the volume of uploads) because of this kind of feature creep.
  2. In addition to that bug, the new behavior is not good for me. I have a lot of tags, which I deliberately named to take advantage of the drop-down using the "begins with" method that Evernote used to use. Now this has been changed to "anywhere", so the drop-down now has far too many entries for me. And I can't go back now and re-tag thousands of notes to change my old tag structure. An option to choose how this drop-down works would be nice.
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