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  1. Notability doesn't do writing to text.... Does it? I've used it a lot, but haven't come across this feature.
  2. As flipfan points out the Windows version of Evernote already has 'Ink Notes' so there is no need for a Windows version of Penultimate. It's actually had this for years, going back to very very early version of Evernote. I used this for years on an old HP Touchsmart TM2 laptop and it worked great. Just select the dropdown next to 'New Note' or chose the [CTRL]-[sHIFT]-I combo. Trust me, you don't want a copy of Penultimate on Windows, it's rubbish!
  3. While not converting writing to text, MyScript Mobile Notes does a fantastic job of indexing your hand written notes and making these searchable. The ability in uncannily accurate. It provides the functionality Evernote promises but only 1/2 delivers. That said, I personally don't find the note taking experience of MyScript to be as good as Noteshelf so it's not my 'goto' app. If you are new to paperless notes you may love it!
  4. Like many on here, I've been a long time Evernote user, AND an iPad notetaker. I've tried most (if not all) of the different notes out there, and agree with many that Noteshelf is head and shoulders above everything else. Compared to Noteshelf, Penultimate is a toy app.. It's not even top 20 as a serious note taking tool. When Evernote bought Penultimate I was pretty exited about the possibilities and reloaded it to see what goodies they had added. As it turns out my trial was short lived and I went back to Noteshelf. I use Noteshelf's export feature to send image files to Evernote and get 'most' of the text search benefits Penultimate gives. What I am utterly baffled by is Evernote's reluctance to admit that they have failed big style with Penultimate. Guys, everyone is telling you it just doesn't work; Terrible palm rejection, and what where you thinking with that daft '1 level auto zoom' feature?!?! To be an effective tool it just needs to work. I can't stop a meeting and say "oh just please rewind, my notes app has just but loads of palm spots on my screen i need to rub out". Noteshelf just does that. It just work. Every time. You don't need to be clever. Just implement a zoom like everyone else has got. Your unique selling point is seamless Integration with the best information management tool on the internet. You are a large software company, just put some bodies into making Penultimate the app that everyone is telling you it needs to be. Andy
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