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  1. The search I want to do is: someterm AND (tag:A OR tag:B) As in, "I want all the notes with tag 'A' or 'B', which contain the term "someterm". So I looked through this page: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php And it looked like "any:" was going to do it. I tried: any: tag:A tag:B And that brought back notes that had either of those tags, great! But whether "someterm" is in the front or back of that, I wasn't getting the results I wanted. Can someone tell me the correct way to perform this search? I was doing this on "Evernote Legacy," so I'm not sure if the search syntax will be different on the new client. Thanks!
  2. I don't know if this is what's happening, but other companies do slow roll outs (Chrome I know of in particular) in order to assess whether or not the update had any previously uncaught issues. Better to catch it when only 5% of your user base updated then after 100% updated.
  3. I used (and paid for) Postachio for about a year. It worked fine. But as you may be experiencing with the support response time, I felt like it was just being minimally maintained by someone with a day job. It was supposed to have a feature where it would show different authors for posts, depending on which Evernote account created the note in a shared notebook. After some troubleshooting with support, I was told a fix would be on the way. Months later my inquiries about the progress were ignored. It never did work for me. What I really liked was knowing my posts were always safe in Evernote, and that I could write/format them as I wanted in Evernote, and just have my blog post look like that. Ultimately though, $5 /month combined with the irritation that their support window shows my messages were being read, but just not replied to, lead me to greener pastures. We moved to GitHub Pages. Unless you're already technically inclined, I wouldn't recommend it. It's 100% different than blogging with Evernote, but I was surprised how quickly my wife picked it up. It's free, hugely customizable, and searching for "github pages blogging" shows there's lots of help to be had. To keep the formatted posts in Evernote I just use the Web clipper on the rendered pages. No editing in Evernote. Good luck
  4. The choppy scrolling on the laptop screen is probably because the resolution is much higher than the external display (even though the external display is larger). So, Evernote/macOS has to work harder to get all the changing details ready for display. Regarding your question about which laptop you should get because of this, I wouldn't choose your hardware hoping it will fix this. It shouldn't be choppy - this is an Evernote issue. I suspect if you looked at the same note in the Evernote web app, that it would scroll much smoother.
  5. I used Postachio for a little over a year, but have recently migrated to another solution. I might be able to help with specific questions.
  6. The Evernote transparency report was last updated for 2018: https://evernote.com/privacy/transparency-report I know these support forums aren't official, but thought I would point that out for anyone interested, or in case there was someone here who knows more about that. I was impressed with the apparent push back Evernote gave regarding data requests (16 criminal requests, but only 5 "responded with data"). It'd be nice to know that Evernote is still only handing over user data when absolutely necessary. Chris
  7. Running macOS 10.13.6 with Evernote 7.14 (App store version). I haven't contacted support as I anticipate the response will be "reinstall," which seems to waste an opportunity for Evernote to avoid this problem with other users. So, I'm hoping this is useful to someone. 😀 Evernote is currently syncing continuously, draining my battery, and using about 7KB up, 5KB down of bandwidth. Looking at my sync log I'm seeing (in part): I've bolded the parts that I think represent the problem. In my 'content' directory (where all my notes are), if I grep for the guid '16C8E5FF-2E42-47C8-AD37-305DC50248EA', I get: $ grep -lri "16C8E5FF-2E42-47C8-AD37-305DC50248EA" . ./A54E6E60-24E3-4549-B88E-54CB1F4EB092/note.xhtml ./ED3FC5D5-9F08-4905-B29E-837469283E6A/note.xhtml ./8F88A765-8012-44AC-BA27-20B734132091/note.xhtml ./88BCA9C6-CA27-4A8D-8853-341AE76A265F/note.xhtml ./59D8D876-A00F-4617-8334-04D84F586484/note.xhtml ./4192EC2F-8A2E-4F4B-AA5F-DBE11E313EF9/note.xhtml ./F6B1EC41-5590-430B-BD5E-CE1661782264/note.xhtml ./0173CAE2-9530-4477-A661-8FA92F5B6B73/note.xhtml ./36365DCE-4F0D-42A1-AFFE-81DF89AF7EAA/note.xhtml ./67E710F6-5EFD-4345-9FEA-0F2A86484057/content-pre-sync.enml ./67E710F6-5EFD-4345-9FEA-0F2A86484057/snippet.txt ./67E710F6-5EFD-4345-9FEA-0F2A86484057/content.enml ./61F2DD0F-BE67-4096-AF83-89300FDEDE76/note.xhtml ./38B613C3-4888-4CCE-A75A-EA85D24AB818/note.xhtml ./6B7DA6DC-DD60-4EA9-88AB-C53A4144E501/note.xhtml ./D296697C-92A7-4B53-9666-B99D1C6EE530/note.xhtml ./75501781-D509-4D15-9621-97C6F9F5C7BA/note.xhtml ./CB53E28A-DF7C-484A-A9E2-D85DE91D7F3E/note.xhtml ./E416F82B-0A9E-440B-997D-9039D8920CFE/note.xhtml In a sampling of these notes, I see images like: <img src="evernotecid://16C8E5FF-2E42-47C8-AD37-305DC50248EA/wwwevernotecom/7460442/ENResource/p12103" id="en-media:image/png:6400d81a6838d6833e54210c8f82809c:none:none" width="586" class="en-media"></img> ... <img src="evernotecid://16C8E5FF-2E42-47C8-AD37-305DC50248EA/wwwevernotecom/7460442/ENResource/p11903" id="en-media:image/png:6ecd8eee3764e270ec6a68d9730dad79:none:none" class="en-media"></img> Other little things that might help: The guid "c9397a0e-602a-44ee-a917-06857663ba60", which the log references repeatedly, doesn't exist as any part of a file name, or as a string in my 'content' directory. These images sharing the "16C8E5FF-2E42-47C8-AD37-305DC50248EA" guid show up fine in Evernote. These images are also showing up in the web interface This syncing problem is much more recent than these notes I've been running Evernote 7.14 since release So here is where my lack of Evernote knowledge leaves me. I'll hang out on the web client for a day or so, then probably just resort to reinstalling. Hope this can help someone!
  8. I suspect that is where things are going - not just in Evernote, but in many apps. I somewhat agree with you, but consider it as a business decision: Electron makes it easy to target multiple platforms and allows the many web developers familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript to write desktop apps. As a frequent Linux user, I also appreciate that Electron is making it easier for commercial applications to be published for Linux. Your options for many apps may actually be "Electron or nothing at all." Evernote's present/previous state serves as a good example of what can happen when there's a native client for every platform: inconsistency and slow development. Have you used the new Evernote web beta? It's pretty slick, and I feel I'd be willing to trade some RAM and battery life for rearrangable bullet points. I know it could be done in a native application, but how many years went by where Evernote didn't? Only Evernote knows for sure, but it seems likely to me that the development effort only became worth it when the time spent on such a feature would only be needed once, then could apply to all their platforms.
  9. Running Firefox 68 on Linux, I was kicking around in the previous (current?) version of Evernote web. Clicking my user-icon thing, clicked the "Switch to new Evernote version" (or something worded similar), and it worked! Hopefully this is news to other people, because I didn't know, and I was very eager to see this happen!
  10. The memory drop after killing the tab is only 300M, but, I suspect there's still memory being tied up. I assume 1.2G of memory use in Brave isn't usual for you? I was never able to catch the high memory use, I only knew it had happened after the fact because Linux killed the process.
  11. I found it irritating that the message seems to imply the problem is with Firefox, rather than Evernote choosing not to use widely adopted standards that already exist for web applications. I guess this just echos your #2 point.
  12. Yeah, this is with the beta only. You don't experience this issue with the beta version and Brave? Or is it just with Brave and the current client that it works fine for you? I'm back to "current" which doesn't have any issues (aside from not being as nice to use). I was hoping as the beta client was beta that there might be a chance of helping to find an issue. I guess I'll just check in on it from time to time. I've also noticed that when sitting idle Brave and the beta client will use a solid 5% of my CPU, while the current client will use none. 🤷‍♂️
  13. I've been using the new Evernote beta web client in Brave on Linux lately. I'll leave two windows open throughout the day. At seemingly random times my system will become unresponsive and after 30 seconds or so Brave will be killed and my system starts running normally again. My 'dmesg' output has: [72616.778671] Out of memory: Kill process 47516 (brave) score 318 or sacrifice child [72616.778757] Killed process 47516 (brave) total-vm:784704kB, anon-rss:163084kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:2840kB [72616.809596] oom_reaper: reaped process 47516 (brave), now anon-rss:0kB, file-rss:0kB, shmem-rss:2720kB I'm reasonably sure this is related to the new Evernote web client, as in the past I've left Brave open for a day or more without issue. I've watched the Brave process closely and the memory use stay fairly constant, so whatever happens must be sudden. Memory use of my system is usually 5GiB/7.8GiB or less. So, putting this out there in case others have experienced this, or if someone can give me tips on how I can track this down better. Thanks!
  14. That looks right. I guess I was hoping for something obviously wrong. I figure either your system is interpreting the application wrong (thinking it's a file type it's not) or a broken Evernote application is persisting despite your reinstallation. Do you have any kind of virus scanner or browser extension that might be reading/modifying your downloads? I notice in an above post of yours that the Evernote application from the downloaded image has the proper icon, whereas before it didn't. What if you tried dragging the Evernote application, from the downloaded dmg, into your downloads folder or somewhere else that wasn't in your Applications folder? Can you run it from there?
  15. In Finder, when you select Evernote and do a "cmd+i", what does this window show?
  16. I'm sorry to say that the text editing functionality is quite new (around a year old). They implemented a new cross-platform editor for a common code base. It's written in Javascript, I'm fairly sure. Pull up Activity monitor, sort by CPU use, and then beside it start typing at a normal pace in and Evernote note. You'll be baffled at how/why a computer function as old as computers themselves (text editing) needs to use ~40% of a modern CPU (on my system). My theory: Evernote developers spend their days madly trying to build and fix a house built on sand, while management demands new additions be built yesterday. With 100 different problems, a Javascript editor to unify some of their code base seems like a great idea, but now they have 101 problems.
  17. I couldn't adequately compare versions. You could try one, uninstall, try the other. The problem of blank search results I believe is High Sierra-specific, and I've seen mention of the problem in fairly recent releases, so I don't know that 6.11.1 would have fixed that problem. Depending on your dedication to this, you can use VMware Fusion (or Parallels or Virtual Box) to run different versions of Evernote isolated from your system. This would give you a taste of what you were in for. But then at some point you have to ask yourself why you're spending so much time on a tool that's suppose to make your life easier.
  18. I'm running 6.9 (On macOS 10.13.3), which I make the case for here: Bugs I run in to: List of notes in search results can sometimes be blank (there are results, you just can't see them) My reminders at the top of my note list will sometimes get squished together at the top (not currently doing it, or I'd paste a screenshot) I've decided it's worth it to stick with this version for now. I do keep a close eye on the beta forums.
  19. It seems entirely redundant when the option exists for putting that same button in the top bar. Which, could be fine, but then making it non-optional is a bit much. I feel that the sidebar has better things to do with its real estate than host a mandatory, redundant button. Fingers crossed for this being an upcoming option.
  20. I did something recently that made me so happy I decided to share. I downgraded from Evernote 6.13 to 6.9. Let me tell you why - In Evernote 6.10 the old text editing code was replaced with new (Javascript-based, I believe) editing code. This was done to pave the way for new enhancements, and likely to create a common code base for the editor across all their platforms. It's the reason why tables got a lot more fancy soon after the 6.10 release. Further, somewhere around 6.12 Evernote started trying to synchronize your notes in real time. So, version 6.9 was the last version before all that started; it was released September 8th, 2016. Here is why I'm basking in the glow of "outdated" code: Memory use no longer grows without bounds. 2+GB was normal by the middle of the day previously. Now, I sit at a steady 400MB of memory use. Power use is no longer through the roof (which I think came with the continuous syncing). macOS 'Monitor' displays a metric for energy use, and those numbers are most interesting in relation to each other. Entering plaintext on the newer EN clients, the "Energy Impact" would sit around "66". Now, with 6.9, the average is well below "1", and editing is always under "5". Much more concrete, I can work the day at the library and leave with over 50% of my battery left. Previously, with 6.13, I was leaving with ~30% left. After a couple of hours after starting Evernote, my cursor doesn't stutter as I type Text editing with bullets doesn't do inexplicable things sometimes. Tables, although less pretty, happily resize with my note window My search bar is spacious My Atlas is back Want to do this too? Backup your notes! In particular, your local-only notebooks. Delete your old Evernote Rename/move the following directory: ~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote Install Evernote 6.9. You can get the official binary here: Run Evernote 6.9, log in, get all your settings the way you like it, let it finish syncing Import any local-only notebooks Uneasily enjoy as you hope Evernote fixes their Mac client faster than they decide to block your old client! What could go wrong? Evernote is changing a lot in their new clients, Sync might slowly become incompatible is non-obvious ways. Data loss/mangling is a possibility Notes created in the new/old version might start to work less well in old/new versions. Evernote may just decide to block older clients There was a version 6.9.2 released, which was probably released for a very good reason, but I couldn't find that official file. 6.9 (or 6.9.2) aren't without their own bugs. Choose your poison! There might be security issues? I'm not sure the real risk here, but prior to being burned so badly with new EN releases, I would have said always stay up to date with software. I have no knowledge of security problems in older versions. There you go. My experience has been flawless. I was happy to see that the tables I created in the new client look just fine (better, in fact) in the old client. And, to be clear, this is an attempt at constructive criticism of the current Mac client situation. I'm incredibly entrenched in my Evernote ways, but I'm suffering from death by a thousand cuts with the current client. At some point the pain of reworking my workflow and foregoing some EN features is going to outweigh the pain of trying to work with the new client. Good luck! (?)
  21. For whatever it's worth, the sync issues coincide with Evernote ceasing to support older versions of macOS. In effect, the last version of Evernote many Mac users will have access to will be an exceptionally buggy one. This seems like unfortunate timing.
  22. Even when logged out of Evernote, the content is still all on the hard drive, unencrypted for the logged in user (macOS user). I can imagine a way of preventing Spotlight from using Evernote's index, so your notes wouldn't show up in Spotlight searches. Of course, now you can't search your notes at all in Spotlight. Another workaround could be to put passwords farther down in the note so they don't appear in the preview. Encrypting your passwords in the note, or just not keeping there might be most realistic. Long story short, I think this is just the nature of the beast.
  23. Hi @Jason Miller, thanks for the reply. I just want to be sure we're talking about the same thing with table spacing: If this is by design, then, fair enough I guess. Just want to be sure. Thanks again!
  24. Here are some of the bugs I have on my list: Under certain circumstances attachments edited outside Evernote will disappear Confirmed this still exists in this beta. Detailed here: Highlighting text in a table cell with a background color causes breaks in background color Detailed here: Tables get an extra space above them when you leave and come back To reproduce: 1. Write text in a note 2. Hit enter once 3. Insert table 4. Delete extra space between table and above text 5. Leave and come back 6. Extra space returns. Screenshot: Trying to bold/italic all text in a table cell that has varying bold/italics doesn’t work correctly To reproduce: 1. Create a table with at least 2 cells 2. Write text in cells 3. Bold and/or italicize text, but be sure formatting isn’t all the same across cells 4. Highlight all table cells. 5. Try to bold and/or italicize. Formatting of text will alternate as if it were individually highlighted On the surface this seems to make sense, but it doesn’t match the old behaviour or the behaviour of any other app with tables. Highlighting all table cells and then hitting “Italic” should bring all highlighted text to the same state of italics. Screenshot: Fn+Delete won't bring a line of unbulleted text to a bullet To reproduce: 1. Create a bulleted list 2. Hit enter twice to get a new line without a bullet 3. Type some text 4. Return to the end of the last bulleted item, hit enter to get new bullet 5. Use Fn+Delete to bring line below up to the current bulleted line 6. Unpredictable, but never correct, results Pasting without formatting still keeps links To reproduce: 1. Copy some text from the browser that has links in it 2. Paste into Evernote note with Shift+Option+Cmd+v 3. Unformatted text, but links remain This use to paste just text, without links, which I’d consider correct behaviour. In Apple notes Cmd+v will paste with formatting and links, Shift+Option+Cmd+v will paste without formatting and links. When I copy from a PDF then paste without formatting, I get the PDF page number when I hover over the text This again comes from my expectation that pasting without formatting (Shift+Option+Cmd+v) means I should only be getting text in my note. To reproduce: 1. Copy text from a PDF (From Preview, may or may not work with other PDF viewers) 2. Paste into Evernote note with “Shift+Option+Cmd+v” 3. Hover over pasted text, see page number And finally, memory use I don't really know how to report this, but I've found it to be a little crazy lately. Starting Evernote first thing in the morning, then going about my business studying, Evernote will easily hit 1GB of memory used. Give it two days and entering text gets laggy. I haven't heard others mentioning this however, so, maybe it's unique to me. I not-very-seriously posted about this before:
  25. Is there agreement somewhere on what "Simplify Formatting" should do? Why wouldn't it remove highlighting and code blocks? Is that not formatting?
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