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  1. I’m just like you. But premium. Paperless is awesome! I have the scan snap printer too!
  2. Thanks for the update. Please let us, ‘long term subscribers’ know what’s in the future when you know it (decide it). I do smell modified monetisation for a planned future buy-out to avoid being left for dead by the horrible world of Microsoft. Evernote is fantastic and has been emulated by ms... because of how good it is i hope you guys are bought out and get a handsome amount if it comes to that. I will close my account if ms ever buys you guys out. Please choose this next move carefully. For Your sakes.
  3. I'm having this same problem. I'm following this post in the hope that this is remedied or an admin sights it and answers it. It would add a huge number of possibilities for me and my business if this (previously stated feature) would work accurately. Adding rules in my Mail.app would save me hours of filing and I could increase what we store in Evernote. I've tried all of the above also, i'm unsure on what else could be tried. Thanks OP.
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