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  1. With 5.7.0 and even with the downgrade to 5.6.2 - every time I highlight text in a note the application "beachballs" on mac for at least 30 seconds ... the performance of the app is terrible at this point ... practically unusable ... there seems to be a host of cascading issues here that are killing my productivity ... I spent 2 hours yesterday fixing this stuff and still having collateral issues It's still a formatting issue, this time with adding Horizontal Rules to the page ... I use a Horizontal Rule to separate my daily work objectives ... and lately the spacing on the Horizontal Rule is 3x what it used to be when you use more than one ... so I decided to copy a Horizontal Rule I used previously and the Evernote App goes into a 30 second lag while the app beachballs, just trying to copy a simple LINE. The app has some SERIOUS FORMATTING ISSUES If this keeps up I will need to move everything away from Evernote and find a new system. I've been using Evernote for more than 3 years but this is getting ridiculous.
  2. riyi - interesting ... I'm guessing that any long string of text with no spaces would probably have the same effect ... Not that I want to "upgrade" and do any more testing LOL .... Seems like this would be a basic QA boundary test though ... before releasing a new build to customers ....
  3. Well I spoke too soon, after downgrading I can no longer sync .... what a waste of time, this is ***** my day at work ... I'm starting to lose my patience with this service
  4. pcf- thanks for the link to the older versions. I got it installed and went back to the previous working version. For Mac users, you have to delete the app in the /Applications folder as well as the Evernote folders and helper URLs in the /Library/Application\Support/ Directories Then you can install an older version ... it does a data migration and then you're good to go
  5. Hi pcf, thank you for confirming ... Are the older versions available on the Evernote site? I definitely need a downgrade to fix the upgrade LOL
  6. Ewww, yah this is really bad ... Every time I highlight any text the app beachballs and stops responding .. then I have to Force Quit and it dumps a crash report .... this is a pretty bad update .... no other apps on my system are having performance problems and this happened right after I upgraded to the new version ... pretty sure this is isolated to the update at this point .... but it's definitely killing my ability to get work done today ...
  7. Yep I restarted the App and did all the usual basic troubleshooting things ... it's weird there is just no more wrapping ... as I type the horizontal scroll bar just keeps going and that changes the "center of the page" so that all the center-aligned titles I have on my page are now pushed way out of view ... I'm gonna have to back up all my notes and move to Google Docs til the fix this
  8. For me it is all text ... plain text typed in as well as some notes I copied and pasted from a Skype chat ... I had those notes there previously before I updated this morning and they wrapped correctly ... but now, even if I just type in regular text, it will not wrap at the window boundary. And when I tried to highlight the text I typed in to test the wrapping, the app slows down and beachballs :-( ... and ... it's now crashing ....
  9. I just updated to 5.7.0 on Mac and now my text no longer wraps
  10. I was noticing that a lot of other people were having this issue but those threads were older .... There are sync settings in the app itself from the settings menu Then the "Accounts and Sync" options on the device Then the individual sync options in the Application settings under the "Accounts and Sync" options 1 or more of those 3 don't seem to be in agreement ... so with 2 settings in 3 different places I will only have to try, at most, 9 different iterations before I get it to work. LOL ... If I'm still stuck I'll open the ticket ... thanks for the reply.
  11. I'm having a common issue. Evernote will not sync on Android. Basically the Android app is useless. Works fine on iOS devices ... Sync seems to be turned off in Android and Evernote App settings and cannot be modified :-/
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