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  1. Same here. Windows 7 and same evernote version (premium user). It got stuck shortly after I upgraded to the newest EN version which was shortly before my monthly upload reset. It is now stuck at the 202 Mb, so the reset (in the client) did not appear to happen. Days are counting down, though. Web version says usage is less than 10 Mb, which is probably correct. Not a big problem, but something to do with improved synch?
  2. Just had the same thing with a web clipping, and solved it the way you did. Needed several tries to be quick enough before the error cut me off. I use windows 7, evernote version and the chrome web clipper 6.0.9. The clipped article itself wasn't long, but the (facebook) comment-section with expanded threads, which I included, was.
  3. I have 1,400+ tags, so it is not possible for me to remember them all. What I did over the years was grouped them using the Parent / Child structure. And to address your "display all notes under a parent" issue, I set up a 3 letter prefix for each of the children. Examples: company com-adt com-amazon com-apple com-att jobs job-abcd job-defg job-ghij government gov-fed gov-state gov-county gov-town insurance ins-car ins-dental ins-home ins-life etc. etc. If I want to see all my government related notes, I search for: tag:gov-* Thanks again for the suggestion. It seems to be a fairly usable workaround, up to a point. Like DaveS I think it is a kludge (nice word, heard it first today). It is not very user friendly, you have to think VERY carefully how to set this up, because it is very inflexible. More thinking ahead needed, and more thinking while typing a search string. Slowing things down for me. I guess it will get better when I learn search 'language' by heart. I also have to separate a couple of nested branches in hierarchies to make it work for me, which means more top level tags. I started implementing it for a few tag trees where hierarchical searching is essential for me (for example: countries>regions>towns/cities). Btw, the windows desktop client has three ways to search for tags. I rarely use the search field to type a search string. I either use the wonderful almost full screen tag window, where I can see all tags in their organizational structure. Just double clicking on a tag will start a search. Or I use the special tag filter function at the top of the list/thumbnail window. This has autocomplete, and you can quickly search for multiple tags to narrow things down.
  4. Thank you for your suggestion! Glad to hear there are many other customers with the same wish, sad to hear that it is not picked up by Evernote.
  5. I agree with lpuerto, CMagnuson, and vlory, and was quite disappointed that nesting didn't work the way they describe, The organizational aspect of nesting is a nice feature, but power functionality only starts with the tags behaving like a family of parent and children in searches. It would not only make searching much easier, and more powerful, it would also improve the tagging experience itself. In the current situation I simultaneously have a greater need for more tags, as well as the contradicting need to limit the creation of tags, since more tags complicates tagging right for search purposes. If nesting works with the desired functionality, I could actually reduce my tags, wouldn's have to think as hard about naming them, and most importantly, wouldn't need to tag notes with multiple related tags (which is easy to forget). Only one tag from a hierarchy will suffice. Johanhendrik (Windows 7 user)
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