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  1. I will test some different thinks tomorrow and see if I can find when it’s slow or not ...
  2. Nope it’s all business to business moves Nope it’s all business to business moves. Personal side of the account is never used, I really hate the split account stuff.
  3. Maybe the crashing has to do with creating and syncing. I find it really slow in the syncing part. When I move notes they wil stay in the old location for a really long time and eventually sync to the right location. And I do mean really slow ....... we create a lot of notes during the day from pdf and other files and from a lot of other apps. We collect them in a notebook which is called .inbox and at the and of the day we move them and tag them. This moving is really slow.
  4. Did a nice clean install, completely removed Evernote and installed the beta. It's doing a complete re-sync now but so far, so good..
  5. I can't stop refreshing the page to see if the if 7.3 beta1 is already online ???
  6. Here on BETA2 Evernote still crashes, like it did with every Mac BETA in history, for me Evernote is the only app that doesn't work on the Mac BETAS. But then again it never did with previous BETAS since they have a Mac app. It isn't fun because if Evernote worked on this BETA I would have a 100% score on working apps for me and would be able to use it as my daily driver. But then again it is not Evernote's fault and all users here demanding that Evernote should fix this are really wrong. Evernote should take there time, fix these errors and have until September 2018 (aprox.) to do so. Please don't install a developer BETA if you aren't a developer, do yourself a favour and let de Evernote developers do there work. If Evernote releases a BETA that works with Mac BETA, hooray!! and i'll install it, but if not, see you in Mac FINAL in September.
  7. Removed the macos Share Extention? I checked if it is just disabled, but it's completely gone.
  8. After the update to 6.11 it seems to have removed the macos Share Extention for Evernote. And when I look in the share settings panel, it is not there so I can't enable it. Anyone?
  9. But isn't there a way to bring the "grid" view back. I really want it!!
  10. I would really love to get back to the old "notebook view" instead of the new "list view" but the option is gone. I know that there is an option in Settings -> Update -> uncheck enhanced new list view (or something like that) but when I uncheck that option it tells me to restart EN but when I start it again it is still in the new list view. The option in settings does nothing accept restart EN. Please help me get back the Notebook View. I really want that button back !!
  11. And when that options in already disabled? I don't want the list view in de main notes section, i want the notebook view back.
  12. Super @smaviglia, that works for me!! Just rebuild all my scripts and everything is working again, now to get my work back on track. @evernote, you can mark this as the solution if you ask me...
  13. 6.0.13 drops support for tagging notes created with AppleScript !!! My complete workflow of about 150 PDF's a day is totally down now!!! Please fix as my work is piling up !!!!! (PDF -> OCR -> content read by Hazel -> AppleScript prints, tags and files in Evernote)
  14. This really sucks!!! I have like 150 Hazel rules that read OCR'd PDF files and automatically print, tag and file them in Evernote. I process about 100 doc's a day and the solution is "tag them by hand" ?? are they mad?!?! When will this "new update" be launched? my workflow is now on hold and my work is piling up!!! isn't there a working beta I can use?
  15. I know its and old topic but let me revive it because its super easy for Evernote te implement and unlike Evernote saying it locked away by Adobe, the keywords are out in the open (at least on a Mac with some shell scripting) create a script that use mdls in shell to get te keyword and make then tag with Applescript. set vartag do shell script "mdls -name kMDItemKeywords" & foo.pdf and then add them to Evernote as tags tell application "Evernote"create note from file foo.pdf notebook [NOTEBOOKNAME] tags vartagend tellBuild an Applescript on this and make it a folder action, so every pdf that gets thrown into this folder is copied to Evernote with the keywords as tags. Super easy.
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