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  1. Gock, if it's me your replying to, no I'm not concerned about security (well, not in this case ), what I was trying to ask was this: If notes are prepared in Marxico and saved to Evermote, can these same notes opened and added to, and/or edited, right in side the desktop Evernote app itself? Or do you have to open them in Marxico to edit and/or add to them? Also, * Do you have a price point in mind for your final product? * Could this software also be use to prepare formatted blog posts drafts for WordPress?
  2. Well that was certainly a quick reply! . Any future plans to include mobile devices?
  3. Gock, in relation (I think) to this post by Loriswave, as well as to the question in my other post - wouldn't anything created in Marxico be saved to the Evernote servers, provided you link it to your EN account, and later acessible for viewing & editing, just as with any other note *not* created using your program?
  4. It looks most impressive, Gock! :) Does the App work on both Windows and Android?
  5. Hmm, that's puzzling. Sounds like an encounter I had last year with a large, popular anti-virus company. After I had paid for the service and two expensive repairs their software didn't catch. They wanted to charge me for the priviledge of talking to them as well...changed companies. I'm definitely one of those who isn't happy about the ribbon interface. Though to be fair, Microsoft does have excellent free tutorials available for all of it's core programs. And the users forum, while not as nicely laid out as this one, does have have a number of very knowledgeable and helpful volunteers.
  6. I'm definitely one of those who isn't happy about the ribbon interface. Though to be fair, Microsoft does have excellent free tutorials available for all of it's core programs. And the users forum, while not as nicely laid out as this one, does have have a number of very knowledgeable and helpful volunteers. I'm curious, Grumpy, what was the situation where they wanted to charge you to speak to a live company rep, if you don't mind sharing?
  7. Beagley. If you want to word process anything other than plain text - with zero formatting except maybe paragraph breaks & *nothing else* that you can count on not messing up if you copy a Note's text anywhere outside Evernote - and plan to *never, ever* print directly from Evernote, the sure go for it. But if you want even basic, *reliable* word processing abilities, do youtself a favour and look elsewhere. Evernote is a great place to store data of many types, and EN staff keep popping in every now and then to assure us they are working on improvements to the much maligned Text Editor.
  8. Sorry, but if I thought for even a second that *any* of my medical (or legal) data was stored on an app like Evernote, I would blow a gasket. If my records were hacked, it would be the doctor (lawyer) I went after. Stopping here, before I explode.
  9. Mine is working fine now. Though I do still have to exit and re-enter any notes I've added links to so they will appear as clickable ones. (On Android.) That's a bit of a PITA, nut not a big one. If you don't mind posting your script, other users might find it very useful.
  10. Hi JermomeNYC, I don't understand the function of your app. Is your way of backing up EN's databases to HTML - onto your PC, I assume? - any different or more effective than what EN already offers Windows users? To be clear, this is a genuine question, not an attempt to discourage anyone. I ask because if it's exactly what EN offers, then I genuinely don't understand the point. Could you please clarify it for me?
  11. Again with slamming the people who VOLUNTEER their time to help us. Why? If you can do better, then please do so!
  12. Hi Gaz. It's not just with additonal formatting like say, bullets. The Copy and Paste function doesn't work properly with any kind of text that is not a solid, unbroken block. If you try to Select & Copy text broken into two or more paragraphs - even if each paragraph consists of just two or three word sentences (for example) - it refuses to Select more than one paragraph at a time, ergo you cannot Copy more than what the app allows you to Select. Also, Pasting - be it from the same note or a different note, or from an outside app/program, still automatically pastes at the very start of
  13. Hi. I know there's a discussion running around here somewhere, but try as I might, I can't find it. My apologies to the mods. On the thread I'm referring to there are several complaints about how the Cut/Copy and Paste function is not working. How if there is any kind of line break, you can only Select one block of text - unbroken by by any form of a line break, i.e. a bullet or a paragraph break - and Cut or Copy & Paste it elsewhere within or without the note - one section at time. At the time I said it doesn't bother me. Well it does now that I find myself needing to it a lot mo
  14. Thank you, JMichael and jbenson2, for the real world use of Tags. I'm going to have to revamp my own tagging system at some point in the not too distant future, so have been saving posts like these to my own EN account for reference ideas.
  15. And there are some of us that like it both ways. Ideally, I'd like to add as many tags as I want and have the choice of whether or not to have them showing at any given time. But that's just me, and I like to dream big sometimes! Thanks for the feedback. I’ve noted your request internally. As a workaround, if you need to review the tags on multiple notes, you could try switching to Top List view and showing only Title and Tags. Thanks, Adjusting. I hope that "noted" means considering design changes. I would like to request that you guys consider that there are at least two basic t
  16. Indeed they are! Especially for chronic insomniacs like me. I'll take whatever sleep I can get, whenever my body will let me. Super Mod to the rescue!
  17. Oh phew! Thanks Megsaint! Nearly had had a heart attack for a moment there. :0 Thanks again for the clarification! Now I can have that nap I planned without being consumed by worry!
  18. Wait... So does that mean all the notes I've been creating on my phone won't appear in full on my Windows desktop because I'm using a free account? Meaning only a Header version will show up in Windows? I really, really hope that is not the case.....
  19. Vic, I don't see where anyone has insulted you and the only aggression I've seen on this thread came from you. Several people have tried to assist you, despite the way you came charging into this thread. Please, don't make veiled attacks on other users by accusing them - even in a generic, non-specific way as you did at the end of the post I'm quoting - with accusations. I'm guessing it's my last post you were referring to. I was not trying to be insulting. I was trying to - as nicely as I could manage - that you're *initial* post comes across as insulting, aggressive and condenscending.
  20. I'm just popping into this thread with a thought that may or may not be helpful. In a 4-5 month span of time about a year and a half ago, no less than four Trojan viruses got past my so-call top of the line expensive security software (I don't use *them* anymore... ), and wreaked total havoc on my Windows 7 laptop. Four visits to my computer doctor, $500 later including my new *actually useful* security software, I finally clued to something... You can NOT always count on Window native ability to Unistall some programs completely, despite what the Windows Uninstall feature is telling you.
  21. Well first-off, Vic, no-one here is claiming to be a "TECHNO WIZARD" or a GENIUS. Second, this is a USERS HELPING OTHER USERS Forum. No-one is getting paid a dime to help any of us. Not. Even. The. Mods. As a someone who uses a computer, for ANY reason, nevermind being an Evernote consumer, I would think that learning basic computer skills - such as how the software you choose to use, operates, even if only at it's most basic level. That is incumbant on you and only you. As someone using the internet, it is also incumbant on your to learn and use basic Netiquette. True, Evernote prov
  22. That's unfortunate. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Wait, another option might be a new note for every entry, numerically or date & time titled. After you convert each one to a Word doc you could delete the EN notes if you don't want them taking up space on your data limit. Sadly, here ends my the extent of my knowledge. If my last idea (above) doesn't work for you, hopefully someone else might have suggestions. Best of luck!
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