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  1. Sorry if this is a silly question, but are you remembering to manually Sync DOWN from the Servers one each device as soon as you open Evernote on either of them? Best practices in addition to scheduled Syncs as set by you on each device, are: * Don't attempt to work in Evernote on more than one device at a time. (This one is my personal advice to help avoid Sync conflicts.) * The very 1st thing you should do when opening Evernote on any device, is to manually Sync. This will Sync the most recent successfully Synced (saved) version of your notes down from the servers to your device. * The very last thing you should when ending a session working in Evernote, is to manually Sync again. This will Sync, as in save, the latest version UP to the Evernote Servers. Remember, you are *not* Syncing from one device to another. You're Syncing to the servers, where your dated is stored online in a Cloud Service. The initial manual Sync downloads the most current version to that device only. The final manual Sync before you exit out of Evernote is uploading, as in saving the most current version of your notes to the Evernote Server (or "cloud"). Regular, scheduled Syncs from your devices are also uploading the most recent versions of your Evernote database - as in saving it - to their Servers. But you should never rely on them 100% to catch everything. The same is true for ANY cloud based service, including Wunderlist. And any changes you make while your device is offline (without an active internet connection) will need to be successfully Synced to the Servers when you're back online. Your computer should have no problem storing changes while offline as a copy of your database will be automatically stored on the hardrive. But a manual Sync when back online, will ensure the most recent version is uploaded (saved) to the Servers. Your phone, however, may or may not keep copies of notes created or edited while offline. Unless you have a Premium account and can designate a Notebook for offline use, you're at the mercy of your phones temporary cache drive, which auto deletes stuff when it's running low on storage space. Again, this is why manually syncing when starting & ending an Evernote session, is so important. Even when you have a reliable highspeed wifi service, there are many things that can knock it out of whack and interfere with scheduled syncs. All it takes is a second or less of interrupted service that you might not even notice while you're working online, to mess up a Sync. Manual syncing is a safety net to avoid data loss and conflicts.
  2. Hi. As you can see, discussions on this forum can indeed get a little intense at times. I hope it doesn't scare you away from participating, or asking any other questions you might have. The threads recommended to you in previous replies are excellent starting points to help you work out a system that best suits your needs, using what's currently available with the Evernote app. You might also want want to run some forum searches using keywords and phrases, such as: * Tags, Tagging, Tags versus Notebooks * Organization, Organizing Evernote * Notebooks, Notebooks versus Tags, etc. Personally, I have found over time that I need less Notebooks than I originally thought I would. I use a mixture of some hierachy, Tags, keywords & and uniformally dated Titles. The bulk of my set-up is tags. However, one thing to keep in mind about Tags is they don't port well if you ever want to leave Evernote for another notetaking piece of software. If you expect that your database may end up with tens of thousands of notes, you may run into a problem with Evernote's scalability. BurgerNFries (BNF) and a few other long-time power users, have experienced so many problems with it that they found their databases almost, or completely, unusable and have moved much, or all, of their data out of Evernote. Grumpy Monkey is an especially big proponent of keeping all of his Notes in in Plain Text only, and if I recall correctly, does not use Tags at all. Due to his massive data collection of many years, he had to pull his data out and the combination of no Tags and Plain Text, made it relatively simple to port all of his Notes out. (GM, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any count.) I don't bring this up to scare you or anyone else away from either the use of Tags or Evernote. I did seriously look at other options for several months before coming to the conclusion that I will likely never have a database large enough for scalability to be an issue. Plus, I really love using Tags and I don't like Plain Text notes. (Hopefully if the day ever does come that my EN database gets that big, it will finally be fixed and I won't regret my choice.
  3. I emailed them to check for myself and the answer is no, we missed it. Sorry, I feel your pain.
  4. Cr*p! I misunderstood part of an email I recieved from the vendor selling this package and thought they would be selling them right up to a few days before the codes had to be redeemed. So I put off purchasing it for a month and missed it! Oh well, my fault for not paying attention.
  5. Argh, I tried again with CrashPlans tech support and got another vague answer pointing me to one of their knowledge base articles that still doesn't answer my question. At least not that I can decipher! I wish tech companies would understand that for many of us, tech babble really does need to be tranlated to normal language! Ah well, I suppose I'll live.
  6. Hi. I can sort by Tag on my Android app. All I do is open Evernote, tap on the left upper elephant icon, scroll down and tap on Tags. That brings up an alphabetic list of all my Tags, along with the number of notes with each particular Tag. For example, I keep reading notes for all my non-fiction books and one of the Tags I use is "Atheism." The list of Tags tells me how many notes I have with an "Atheism" Tag. When I tap the Tag, all the notes with that Tag are shown, alphabetically ordered by Title. Hope that makes sense and is helpful. ☺
  7. As mentioned a few times earlier in this thread, Lastpass is a popular option with a free and Premium plans. The Premium version is $12.00USD per year. Here's a link: https://lastpass.com
  8. Ah well, thanks anyway Grumpy! I'm going to try one last thing and contact GBarry and Charboyd through a PM.
  9. As with the OP, if you post your last ticket number here, one of the Admins can flag it for you.
  10. Hi. I use bullets a lot in my notes too. Unfortunately, the formatting getting garbled between clients (device specific apps), has always been an issue. EN has been working on a more common text editor that works better on all clients. I believe Mac already has it, but there's been no word of it rolling out for the other clients yet, at least not that I've heard of.
  11. Hey Jefito, thanks for the tip about after.com! A Google search on "Evernote version history" turned up this: http://www.afterdawn.com/software/desktop/notes/evernote_for_windows.cfm#all_versions, for the Windows version. There's also this, which goes back a bit further. They generally do not give out future plans with any specificity, but they are currently heading in a business-y direction, in their own inimitable way. You can check out the Evernote Blog which might give some general clues, or look for articles on Phil Libin, the CEO.
  12. Hi. My apologies for no-one jumping in sooner. I think the answer might be that you don't have the software needed to open certain attachments on your Android device. For example all attached documents are copies of the original, and if an attachment sent to you was created in Excel, you would need to have Excel or an equivalent piece of software that can open and/or allow your to edit as well as view it. I know you said you have no problem accessing PDF and Excel files that you created, from your Android. The PDFs I can understand as most modern mobile devices come with a pre-installed PDF Viewer, though generally not one that's more than a Read Only kind. I can't figure out how, if you don't have Excel or equivalent software on your Android, you were able to even view those attachments. Unless of course, they were converted to PDFs, in which case you would be able to View then, it not edit them. I'm not positive, but I believe such software for all the file types you mentioned (and more) does exist for Android devices. Check the Google Play store. I also suggest you Google Consumer Reviews of any you find that interest you, before buying them. Good luck!
  13. Hi. Save and Sync are two different functions. Save is useful if you're spending more than a minute or two working on a Note in Android. Maybe even for less time if you type really fast on a small, virtual keyboard! Save is useful if, for example, your Droid is also a phone. If there's a chance you'll be interuppted by an incoming call while making or editing a Note, then Save is very handy as every few lines you can use the Save function every few lines and/or minutes, and it will Save the latest Note Version to your client (devive), but it will NOT Sync it up to the Evernote Servers. The copy saved to your device cache drive is handy as you can talk on the phone or work in other apps during the same session. When you return to Evernote to complete that Note, you may find it's been closed and "filed" under whatever Notebook you assigned it to. If you haven't yet assigned it to a specific Notebook, then it should be at the top of your Default one. Locate and pull it up, then continue editing the Note until you're satisfied wth it. Include a Title and Tags if desired, "move" it to the correct Notebook, and manually Sync it UP the EN Servers. When next using Evernote from [any] device, manually Sync DOWN from the Evernote Servers and when ending the session - again, from any device - **manually** Sync UP the EN Servers. Oh, and never try editing a Note from more that one device at a time. Cheers!
  14. Yes, Samsung pre-installs Evernote on all it's devices, and everthing I've ever read about uninstalled pre-loaded apps on Samsung devices, warns against it becuase as the pop-up message states, "Unstalling a Native App may cause problems with your device." That's not the exact message, but is pretty close. What you can safely do is to go into your device Settings, locate the Application Manager, scroll down until your find Evernote, then tap on it. You should see an option to Disable the app, and one to Disable all Updates. Tick both the forget about. Cheers
  15. Hi Sahil, There's been some new posted added the below thread since I first recommended it to you last year. You might want to preuse them for more ideas: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/57603-how-i-use-evernote-as-a-task-manager-kinda-gtd/
  16. I don't know about Macs, but I do know that on the Android client, Save is not the same as Syncing your work to the Evernote Servers. If you didn't perform a successful Sync, then yes, your note is unfortunately lost. Unless any Mac Users see this and know of a way to see if a copy was saved to Lars' hardrive, and how he might go about retrieving it? Sorry, you're having a crappy intro to Evernote, but I hope you'll stick around and learn what an incredibly powerful program Evernote really is. Best of luck!
  17. Hmm, thanks Gaz. I'll contact support when I've more sleep. Not sure what I did, but think I must have done whatever it was when I first started on my Window 7 PC...back before I knew how Sync worked and what the difference between offline vs. local notebooks. I've been avoiding my laptop Evernote since before the last version rolled out. After reading all the problems folks seem to be having with with it, I'm feeling a bit leery about updating, and since I have it set to auto-update, I'm worried about not being able to stop it in time. Though I guess I'm going to have to risk it when I contact Support! Ah, the trials and tribulations if 1st World Problems.
  18. Indeed, the low contrast is a major problem for anyone with less than perfect vision. Which is really most of the global population at some point in their lives, and for all too many that are blind from birth or as the result of injury, illness or accident. My vision has always been less than stellar, but after two bouts of Optic Neuritis as part of a couple MS Relapses, my left optical nerve is permamently damaged. Not something that modern medicine can cure. So, yes please! Stop with the low contrast.
  19. When I first started using Evernote a couple years ago on my Windows 7 machine, I don't remember designating any of my Notebooks as Offline. That's not to saying I didn't, I just don't remember doing so. Now over the last year, my EN usage has been almost exclusively been done on my Android phone. Yesterday, for some odd reason, I opened Evernote in the Notebooks view, tapped the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of my screen, and picked "Show Offline Notebooks" from the menu that came up. To my shock, several Notebooks - around a dozen - showed up as being Local Notebooks! I've only been Premium since December and again, don't recall assigning any Notebooks offline status. So... 1) I though mobile Premium users were allowed only one Offline Notebook, so how did I end up with several? And, 2) How do I move all but the one I actually want as Offline, back in with the rest of my Notebooks. 3) I did, of course, immediately Select and Sync all of the Offline Notebooks and will continue to do so until this is resolved, but would appreciate any insight into how this happened and how to fix it. Thanks!
  20. If you have a Support Ticket #, please post it here so one of the Admins can flag it for you. If you haven't already submitted a Support Ticket, then please read through the the below linked thread, then follow the the instructions to do so, and when you get the auto-reply email with the Support Ticket Number assigned to your case, post it here so the Admins can flag it for you. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51807-best-practices-submitting-a-support-ticket/#entry254984
  21. I like the Reminder feature and use it frequently. I don't see it as bloatware. As Metrodon says, if you don't like it, don't use it. It's that simple!
  22. To clarify a bit, Gaz means manually Sync before and after any changes, in addition to your auto-Sync schedule. Sorry Gaz, wanted to be sure that part was clear. ☺
  23. Okay, first. You may get a couple notifications saying I liked the unliked your post. Sorry, slippery phone. Anyway, my advice was well meant as your first post did not clarify what you meant by banking details. Also, this being a User Forum means exactly that. Evernote staff do monitor all the posts and occassionally chime in, but they seldom actually partcipate. Other than that, we are all Evernote users who try to help each out when and where we can. If you want to speak directly with Evernote staff, you'll need to submit a Support Ticket as per the below linked thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51807-best-practices-submitting-a-support-ticket/#entry254984 This is primarily a user forum; if other users wish to chime in (and they often do), then they will. If you want official support, you can use the link in my signature. What do you mean by "other users"? I am using Evernote and I am interested in purchasing a year's subscription. The entire discussion is about the usability of Evernote. You don't allow non-premium or free users to contact support or whoever and in the support forum you call them "other users". Its just the bank account particulars where the party or client is supposed to deposit the money. I just need to send them this information using SMS or WhatsApp Messenger. I don't see any hackable things with that.But anyway, the discussion is now going out of the topic. Its just that we are looking for a way where we can send the contents of the notes to other apps and so far there is no easy way of doing the same. Now what was wrong with that? You could had simply said Yes or No.
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