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  1. I haven't been here that much in a few weeks, and am really not up to backtracking through this thread, so please forgive me if I'm stating an obvious point...

    @Workingman and @Christozoid, I used to handle a massive paper filing system as part of my job, so I do understand where you're coming from with regards to a hierarchical system of folders and sub-folders. Not using them when I first started with EN was a huge adjustment for me, but I now, by far, prefer the Tag system.

    Granted, I'm not using EN in a business setting as I once did with the paper filing system, but I do recall one aspect of the the folder system that used to drive me nuts...and was equally applicable to the thousands of electronic files I processed and tracked each day.

    That is that even with set perameters in place for everyone who has access to the files, people will always think just enough differently from everyone one else. What makes sense to as the appropriate destination for a document, even with clearly defined guides and "rules" set out for reference. In my experience, that inevitably led to problems with some files being located in hard to find locations.

    The solution was to make copies of certain files - meaning those that could be applicable to more than one topic (or project) in the minds of someone accessing them, and put copies into every folder where they might look - and have a fairly elaborate cross-referencing system in place that I, as the filing gate keeper, had to set up and enforce.

    Hope this is making sense...

    With electronic files, the obvious problem with files that were worked on by more than one person, is how easily the current version can get lost or overwritten. This is where I find using the Tag system, along with a limited heirarchy of Notebook structure, Note Links (including creating a Table of Contents with clickable note links), and the use of EN's Search function, to be most effective. It allows me to cross-reference everything, track various projects and quickly drill down to find whatever I need.

    In my case, and unlike some of the power users, such as Gazumped, I don't find it beneficial to completely do away with a hierarchical system of Notebooks and Stacks, i.e. folders and sub-folders. But I've managed over the past couple years, with some experimenting that led to reorganizing my EN database a few times, how to reduce and limit the number of Notebooks I actually need. That includes deleting or renaming several Tags a few times.

    Tags can be safely deleted with having to worry about accidently losing individual Notes or entire Notebooks. (Though the latter two can be retrieved from your Trash Notebook, assuming you haven't deleted them from there too.) Tags, for me, serve the same function as making copies of my Notes (files) to put in every possibly applicable Notebook (folder). As others have pointed out, you don't want to get too carried away with Tags and end up with a ton that fast end up redundant and overwhelming.

    Another handy thing about them, is the ability of the desktop EN apps to apply a particular Tag to multiple Notes at the same time select by first selecting them, then adding the Tag. Tags are also a great way to identify and grab all the notes belonging to a specific project that you want to archive out of your EN database.

    Okay, I could keep going on about the pros of tagging for far too long, so I'll wrap it up now.

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  2. Sounds like a good plan. Just remember to do a final Sync before uninstalling and reinstaling the app. Also, after your Sync, first check the Web app on a desktop machine to make sure a full Sync of your entire database, was successful.

    Also, if you're Premium & have a note in your android app with a Notebook assisgned for offline status, move all the notes into a different, not offline status Notebook before Syncing. I'd just created a seperate temporary Notebook to move them all into until after you've reinstall the android app as per above, then move them all back into your Offline Notebook and then delete the temporary online one.

    I recently had to switch to a replacement phone after the power button broke off side from the (Offline Notebook thing, which I don't have), it worked out fine using the steps listed above, and had no problem when installing EN on the new phone.

    Hi, sync works fine. I am thinking of reinstalling the app.

  3. Sorry, but the max Note size for even Premium and Business users is 200 megabytes. You might want to consider a Premium account and break larger uploads into smaller chunks.


    Do any of you put your textbook files into Evernote(large pdf files,around 400mb,but it's impossible due to the note upload limits!!),or you just split it into half?

    How do you organize your textbooks in this case?O.o

    Much appreciated.

  4. You can have an unsynced Notebook on your desktop and if your Premium or Business, you can have one on your mobile device as well.

    Or you could get a second account, free or paid, and save all your private notes in that one. All you need to set up another account is an alternate email address.

    I'm baffled as to how many posts and threads there are on this topic- I don't have time to read all of them. But really, locking a notebook cannot be that hard to implement. I use EN to store all kinds of content quickly from many devices- like 20+ notes per day. I don't have time to sort through all the notes and tag them and put them in their own notebooks. I have assistants who do this. I don't want these assistants looking at some of the notes. To have one notebook where I can stash private notes would be ideal.

    I can't think of a successful database-driven service that does not offer this. Maybe Evernote is just waiting to cash out from a buyout- maybe Google can come to the rescue.

  5. Hi Pete, sorry if you misunderstood my intenions. I wasn't trying to imply that you represent EN or that you think you do.

    I just wanted to make it clear for the sake of anyone who reads this Thread, especially new Forum Members, that they are free to suggest whatever they would like to see Evernote do or add. And your post sounded a bit like you were trying to shut down the conversation using words like, "...it's pointless because..."

    Regardless of Evernote's change in direction more for the business market, it's still a great for individual users like us. As such, I don't think we should be discouraging folks from posting Feature Requests, suggestions or any other thoughts they have about anything to do with Evernote

    Also, I'm not entirely sure if submitting Feature Requests directly to EN through Support Ticket, is anymore useful than posting them here on the Forum. Either way, they get them and once it's in their hands, we, as users, have done all we can. But at least on the Forum, if it's a widely desired feature and large numbers of users chime in to support it, then we can present a united front to EN so they can't later says their wasn't enough users unterest to impliment a much wanted Fearure.

    But I wasn't trying to insinuate anything about you, Pete. You're opinions, insights and thoughts are every bit as valif as everyone elses!

  6. Sorry, Pete, I have to disagree that it's pointless to discuss. Evernote provides this forum as one of the ways they get customer feedback and staff have mentioned a few times that feature requests and suggestion are welcome.

    Does that mean this request or any other will actually be implemented? Probably not, but it's really not our place to summarily shut down suggestion from other users. We don't speak for Evernote. ☺

    If we wanted a smaller essential version of Evernote what features would you want to see.

    THere would be no work chat or presentation in this mind you

    It's pointless to discuss this because it is unlikely Evernote will go down this path in view of the fact that they are adding features for their business users particularly, and those can be turned off.

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  7. Um, you do know that clicking on a menu option that actually says the word "Save" is not the same thing as Syncing your changes up to the EN Servers, right? I don't use that particular feature on my Windows app, but do on my phone. I find it useful if I think I might be interrupted while working, but always manually Sync before exiting Evernote. I do the same when opening it. An any device for both syncs.


    I've been scanning business cards -- creating notes -- at a conference today.

    When I go to edit them in the desktop app (much easier to type), Evernote will not save my edits.

    I hit "Save" but when I return to the note, all my edits are gone.

    The same problem does not exist with notes that are not scanned business cards; I can edit these notes on either platform and syncing works fine.

    This is a problem because I can't rely on Evernote to save my edits. I'm losing valuable business contact information.



  8. Hi LoveWins,

    (Cool username. ☺)

    First, I'd like clarify something not just for you, but also for anyone that happens across this post...

    When you Sync, it is to and from the Evernote (EN) Servers, not from one device to another. It is never a good idea to rely solely on the auto sync with any cloud service that you are not working directly in the web application. (Which is actually working directly with the servers, so is continuously synced.) Even a tiny blip in your internet connection that's fast you don't even realize you lost the connection for a moment or two, can mess up a Sync.

    That said, below is a copy of a post I recently made in a similar thread. You might call it the "Best Practices" for ensuring the most up-to-date versions of your Notes are successfully synced to EN Servers:

    Your Syncing UP to the Evernote Servers when creating or editing Notes, as in uploading the data. When you want to view and edit existing Notes, you are calling them DOWN from the Servers, as in downloading the last successfully Synced version to your device (client). So...

    In addition to the scheduled Syncs you can alter from the default in your app Settings on each Client, it is strongly recommended that:

    * The very first thing you should do when opening EN from any Client, is to manually Sync down the latest version of your EN database.

    NOTE that on mobile devices, it will only download the Headers, which consist of Note titles and a small amount of the note content. Once you click on an existing Note, it will download the entire contents of *that* Note. It's virtually instantaneous so you shouldn't notice any real lag time.

    * The very last thing you should do before exiting EN on any device, each and every time, is to manually Sync again. (Upload.)

    This will save any newly created and edited content to the EN Servers.

    * Note the Save function, if available on the Clients you use, is NOT the same as Syncing. The Save feature just to temporarily save the content your working on. For example, I find it handy when working in EN from my Android phone - such as making a note to myself - especially if I'm out and don't have access to Wi-Fi. (Assuming you have ample storage space, I mean.)

    This is maddening. I spent an hour typing some changes in an evernote in a separate window. I waited for it to Auto-save and then closed the window. When I opened it back up (tried on my phone app as well), only a couple changes were there. Grr. Going to Copy all text next time till I'm sure the Note Took.

  9. This has been asked for many times, including by me.

    Unfortunately, Evernote does not give out their roadmap so we have no way of know if they ever plan to.

    Adding word count to Evernote Android/iOS app will help Evernote keep users who would otherwise use other apps because of the lack of this simple yet essential feature on Evernote.

    All kinds of writers depend on this feature! Journalists, content writers, students with writing assignments, short story writers, novelists, and so on.

    Add word count to Evernote Android/iOS app please. It's 2015!

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  10. It was reinstated a couple days afters they they pulled it. According to the below linked Article from the EN Knowledge Base, last updated on Feb. 17, 2015, it's now done through the Chat Feature.


    I would suggest you create a new Notebook called, "My Public Notes & Links," or similar, then create and add Notes with any Link(s) you want to share publicly. This would give you the added benefit of being able to Title & Tag each Note, as well as provide a short blurb explaining what each Link in the Note is regarding.

    FYI: I can still get to the notebook URL on the web interface, but having to go there just to get it is still not very user-friendly.

    I do hope Evernote will back off from this idea - I am a paying power-user and not having public URLs for my notebooks and notes would be a major game-changer.

    And, getting to the public Notebook URL from within Evernote should be made possible (or at least be made more obvious, like on the web interface).

  11. Sorry if this is a silly question, but are you remembering to manually Sync DOWN from the Servers one each device as soon as you open Evernote on either of them?

    Best practices in addition to scheduled Syncs as set by you on each device, are:

    * Don't attempt to work in Evernote on more than one device at a time. (This one is my personal advice to help avoid Sync conflicts.)

    * The very 1st thing you should do when opening Evernote on any device, is to manually Sync. This will Sync the most recent successfully Synced (saved) version of your notes down from the servers to your device.

    * The very last thing you should when ending a session working in Evernote, is to manually Sync again. This will Sync, as in save, the latest version UP to the Evernote Servers.

    Remember, you are *not* Syncing from one device to another. You're Syncing to the servers, where your dated is stored online in a Cloud Service. The initial manual Sync downloads the most current version to that device only.

    The final manual Sync before you exit out of Evernote is uploading, as in saving the most current version of your notes to the Evernote Server (or "cloud").

    Regular, scheduled Syncs from your devices are also uploading the most recent versions of your Evernote database - as in saving it - to their Servers. But you should never rely on them 100% to catch everything. The same is true for ANY cloud based service, including Wunderlist. And any changes you make while your device is offline (without an active internet connection) will need to be successfully Synced to the Servers when you're back online.

    Your computer should have no problem storing changes while offline as a copy of your database will be automatically stored on the hardrive. But a manual Sync when back online, will ensure the most recent version is uploaded (saved) to the Servers.

    Your phone, however, may or may not keep copies of notes created or edited while offline. Unless you have a Premium account and can designate a Notebook for offline use, you're at the mercy of your phones temporary cache drive, which auto deletes stuff when it's running low on storage space. Again, this is why manually syncing when starting & ending an Evernote session, is so important. Even when you have a reliable highspeed wifi service, there are many things that can knock it out of whack and interfere with scheduled syncs. All it takes is a second or less of interrupted service that you might not even notice while you're working online, to mess up a Sync. Manual syncing is a safety net to avoid data loss and conflicts.

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  12. Hi. As you can see, discussions on this forum can indeed get a little intense at times. I hope it doesn't scare you away from participating, or asking any other questions you might have.

    The threads recommended to you in previous replies are excellent starting points to help you work out a system that best suits your needs, using what's currently available with the Evernote app.

    You might also want want to run some forum searches using keywords and phrases, such as:

    * Tags, Tagging, Tags versus Notebooks

    * Organization, Organizing Evernote

    * Notebooks, Notebooks versus Tags, etc.

    Personally, I have found over time that I need less Notebooks than I originally thought I would. I use a mixture of some hierachy, Tags, keywords & and uniformally dated Titles. The bulk of my set-up is tags.

    However, one thing to keep in mind about Tags is they don't port well if you ever want to leave Evernote for another notetaking piece of software. If you expect that your database may end up with tens of thousands of notes, you may run into a problem with Evernote's scalability. BurgerNFries (BNF) and a few other long-time power users, have experienced so many problems with it that they found their databases almost, or completely, unusable and have moved much, or all, of their data out of Evernote.

    Grumpy Monkey is an especially big proponent of keeping all of his Notes in in Plain Text only, and if I recall correctly, does not use Tags at all. Due to his massive data collection of many years, he had to pull his data out and the combination of no Tags and Plain Text, made it relatively simple to port all of his Notes out. (GM, please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any count.)

    I don't bring this up to scare you or anyone else away from either the use of Tags or Evernote. I did seriously look at other options for several months before coming to the conclusion that I will likely never have a database large enough for scalability to be an issue. Plus, I really love using Tags and I don't like Plain Text notes. (Hopefully if the day ever does come that my EN database gets that big, it will finally be fixed and I won't regret my choice.

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  13. Hi.

    I can sort by Tag on my Android app. All I do is open Evernote, tap on the left upper elephant icon, scroll down and tap on Tags. That brings up an alphabetic list of all my Tags, along with the number of notes with each particular Tag. For example, I keep reading notes for all my non-fiction books and one of the Tags I use is "Atheism." The list of Tags tells me how many notes I have with an "Atheism" Tag. When I tap the Tag, all the notes with that Tag are shown, alphabetically ordered by Title.

    Hope that makes sense and is helpful. ☺

    Hey all,

    I've been trying out Evernote as a platform for GTD via The Secret Weapon. I'm enjoying it greatly so far, however the mobile apps all lack the ability to sort notes by tag. Preferably, any view that displays notes would be able to sort them by tag in symbol, number, alpha order - both ascending and descending. This is a pivotal feature for TSW users and without it, I have to fumble through menus, and end up spending more time trying to review my notes than reviewing my notes.


  14. Most of my content is self generated and I have a *really* bad memory, but a combination of tags and keywords works very well for me. Come from a long background of using hierarchal folders and cross-referencing copies of documents to every possible place they might be considered logical to other people, I found Evernote difficult to wrap my head around for some time. Now? I'd never go back!

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