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  1. Hi Gents!  And thank you, it's great to hear from you both, so to speak.

    @Gazumped, I'm sorry to hear your still dealing with cold weather. Unfortunately I'm right there with you in the wet part.  My little corner of Canada very seldom sees any snow, but we get lot's and lot's of rain.  There's a bit of a monsoon going on as I type this. @Frank.dg, I agree with Gaz, stop hogging all the sunny weather! ;)

    And thank you, Gaz, but it's not quite what I'm looking for.  I've been using Azendoo as my all around project & productivity software.  They recently rolled out their own calendar, but it's taken so long to find a shareable calendar that had the capabilities I needed yet was easy to use.  I tried Ical, Sunrise and a few others, but the Google Calender still seems to be the best fit.  Sunrise was great, right up until it was sold to Microsoft.

    If you recall, my issue with calendars, notes, documents and reminders, is that I need to be able to share select ones with hubby, while also managing our lives and my personal projects. Azendoo is working beautifully for my needs, but it can be time consuming to manually create and edit entries that I call projects.  They usually involve a series of tasks on a few different kinds of documents, including EN Notes.

    Zapier is the same type of program as IFTTT and there are "recipies" where I can, for example, set it up so that EN reminder notes and Google calendar events are automatically sent to Azendoo.  My problem is that I've never used any kind of software like IFTTT or Zapier.  When looking through the knowledge base of both programs, Zapier appears to be more user-friendly.

    What I can't figure out is if either program, or any other that might exist, will let me decide which EN Note and which Google Calendar events I want to send to Azendoo.  I don't want everything I put in EN or my calendar automatically pushed to Azendoo; I want certain one only.  I can keep doing it manually, but it's very time consuming, which sort of defeats the point of using Azendoo.  

    I keep much of my life in EN and can't really remember how I managed before discovering it.  I rely heavily on Tags and try to keep the number of Notebooks to a minimum.  Evernote's search function is still the best out there, IMO.  But lacking it's own native calendar and repeating reminders, I need to use other apps/programs to stay on top of things.

    Sigh, as usual, it's taking me forever to spit out what I'm trying to say.  I'm guessing no-one's really missed that while I've been gone... :rolleyes:

    Did any of the above make sense?  If so, can anyone help, please?

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  2. On 10/03/2016 at 6:28 PM, jmint0 said:

    That doesn't help me.

    Using Android, if I create a picture in Evernote and edit it skitch launches. This is how it has always been on my phones through all previous versions of Evernote. I can annotate the image in skitch. When I hit save, it asks me where I want to save it. I choose Evernote. In the past, the image would save as normal to Evernote. Now, however, this action creates a new uneditable note. This is really frustrating, because in the past, the notes could be edited with accompanying text.

    For example, I do home improvement work and Evernote is critical for that. I used to be able to take a picture with Evernote. I'd tap to edit it in Skitch and mark up my pictures. A great example is my son's closet where I installed built-in shelves. I used skitch to record the dimensions of the closet. That image would save back to that note where I had a checklist of all the pieces that needed to be purchased at Home Depot. This is no longer possible.

    Most recently I had to repair gables in my home. I used the app to mark the measurements of the gable vents. When I saved the picture back to Evernote it created an entirely new note and there is no way for me to embed the annotated image with my shopping list or other notes related to the repair.

    Am I doing something wrong? Should I be saving skitched notes back differently to Evernote? I understand that skitch is a discontinued app. Has its functionality been placed into Evernote proper?

    I've given up trying to use annotating in any version of Evernote.  Instead, I know use a free PDF Reader and Editor called Xodo, which can be found on Google play.  Then I Share, using android's native Share Function, any PDF I want to keep in Evernote.  You do need to sign up for a Xodo account at there website, which you'll find a link to in the Xodo app's "Read More" area in Google play.

    It's easy and free.  Can't beat that combination!

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  3. Wow, I know I've been away from the forum for quite some change, but I didn't expect the site to change so drastically in appearance! :o

    In any case, hello to everyone!  I life is treating all of you well?

    I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer and do so in simple language.  Think tech for dummies kind of speak.  ;)

    I've looked on the Knowledge Bases for Evernote, Gmail, Google Calendar, Zapier and Azendoo, as well as on YouTube, but have yet to find anything that answers my specific question.

    And yes, I know this is probably a very stupid question coming from someone who's been using Evernote for a few years now...  Please try to keep your laughing to minimum. :blush:

    What I want to know is how, using my android phone and tablet, to use Zapier to send specific EN notes, Gmails and Google Calendar events to Azendoo, where each "Zap" creates a new task in Azendoo.  All the instructions and tutorials I've found seem to indicate that if I set up the Zap Recipes as instructed, it will send everything to Azendoo, not just the particular ones I want.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  4. Oh do stop bragging, Gaz. ;)

    My bad - I'm wary of people saying "you said this would be done in an hour or less" when it takes 65 minutes to OCR something. It does happen quite quickly sometimes - but it is also dependent on the load on the servers at any one time, and you may have to wait. I don't think anyone thought it was a crash priority - even my brain can remember what I wrote and where I put it for several hours after the event. OCR of handwritten notes is surely for review and study weeks or months after the event, so what's the hurry?

    However; as we may have said a couple of times in the forums - if you can find a better solution for your needs...

    It might help Evernote revue this as a feature request if you have a use case to go with it?

  5. Yes, I would do as JMichael suggests and upgrade your account directly from www.evernote.com

    A lot of folks seem to have trouble upgrading or renewing through iTunes.

    I am trying to upgrade to the premium edition. It says that my purchase cannot be completed. I can purchase other apps in iTunes. Please advise.

  6. I just double checked and my they're working fine on my Android app. Would you mind describing exactly what you're doing when trying to use these functions? I'm wondering if perhaps there's a language barrier issue here, rather than a technical one.

    Those indent and outdent buttons are disabled here. It's been 4 years since this thread was started, so I guess they're just not going to support that functionality on Android :-(


  7. I haven't been here that much in a few weeks, and am really not up to backtracking through this thread, so please forgive me if I'm stating an obvious point...

    @Workingman and @Christozoid, I used to handle a massive paper filing system as part of my job, so I do understand where you're coming from with regards to a hierarchical system of folders and sub-folders. Not using them when I first started with EN was a huge adjustment for me, but I now, by far, prefer the Tag system.

    Granted, I'm not using EN in a business setting as I once did with the paper filing system, but I do recall one aspect of the the folder system that used to drive me nuts...and was equally applicable to the thousands of electronic files I processed and tracked each day.

    That is that even with set perameters in place for everyone who has access to the files, people will always think just enough differently from everyone one else. What makes sense to as the appropriate destination for a document, even with clearly defined guides and "rules" set out for reference. In my experience, that inevitably led to problems with some files being located in hard to find locations.

    The solution was to make copies of certain files - meaning those that could be applicable to more than one topic (or project) in the minds of someone accessing them, and put copies into every folder where they might look - and have a fairly elaborate cross-referencing system in place that I, as the filing gate keeper, had to set up and enforce.

    Hope this is making sense...

    With electronic files, the obvious problem with files that were worked on by more than one person, is how easily the current version can get lost or overwritten. This is where I find using the Tag system, along with a limited heirarchy of Notebook structure, Note Links (including creating a Table of Contents with clickable note links), and the use of EN's Search function, to be most effective. It allows me to cross-reference everything, track various projects and quickly drill down to find whatever I need.

    In my case, and unlike some of the power users, such as Gazumped, I don't find it beneficial to completely do away with a hierarchical system of Notebooks and Stacks, i.e. folders and sub-folders. But I've managed over the past couple years, with some experimenting that led to reorganizing my EN database a few times, how to reduce and limit the number of Notebooks I actually need. That includes deleting or renaming several Tags a few times.

    Tags can be safely deleted with having to worry about accidently losing individual Notes or entire Notebooks. (Though the latter two can be retrieved from your Trash Notebook, assuming you haven't deleted them from there too.) Tags, for me, serve the same function as making copies of my Notes (files) to put in every possibly applicable Notebook (folder). As others have pointed out, you don't want to get too carried away with Tags and end up with a ton that fast end up redundant and overwhelming.

    Another handy thing about them, is the ability of the desktop EN apps to apply a particular Tag to multiple Notes at the same time select by first selecting them, then adding the Tag. Tags are also a great way to identify and grab all the notes belonging to a specific project that you want to archive out of your EN database.

    Okay, I could keep going on about the pros of tagging for far too long, so I'll wrap it up now.

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  8. Really don't have time enough to do more than leave this note.

    I just upgraded back to Premium status from within my Android EN app. It took me to Google Play, then to PayPal, and voila, instant Premium Status.

    For anyone still having trouble paying with PayPal, the trick seems to be having enough funds already sitting in your PayPal account.


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  9. Sounds like a good plan. Just remember to do a final Sync before uninstalling and reinstaling the app. Also, after your Sync, first check the Web app on a desktop machine to make sure a full Sync of your entire database, was successful.

    Also, if you're Premium & have a note in your android app with a Notebook assisgned for offline status, move all the notes into a different, not offline status Notebook before Syncing. I'd just created a seperate temporary Notebook to move them all into until after you've reinstall the android app as per above, then move them all back into your Offline Notebook and then delete the temporary online one.

    I recently had to switch to a replacement phone after the power button broke off side from the (Offline Notebook thing, which I don't have), it worked out fine using the steps listed above, and had no problem when installing EN on the new phone.

    Hi, sync works fine. I am thinking of reinstalling the app.

  10. I have no experience with Scan Snap so will it to others who do to assist you. I commenting because you posted this twicem I realize it was probably just a mitake so not a biggy, just please more careful in the future. I will delete the other one now.

    Good luck! ☺

    hey everyone,

    For some reason (probably obvious, which I am not thinking of), my Scan Snap is not scanning to my new Mac. USB is plugged in. When I press the green button, nothing.

    Just curious if you could point me in the right direction-- to fix this.



  11. No need to apologize.

    Though I am a bit confused about exactly what your problem is. So if could clarify matters a bit more, we might be able to help you. Please remember that this is a User Forum, not a direct route to Evernote Customer Support.

    * If I understand correctly, you purchased a mobile device, tablet or a phone, aporoximately 4 or 5 months ago. Is that correct?

    * If so, is the device an Android model or an Apple device (like an iPad or iPhone)?

    * When you purchased this device, you were told that as part of the purchase, a one year Premium Evernote subscription was include, correct?

    * If yes to the previous collection did you sign up for Evernote and redeem your Premium status at the same time after your purchase?

    * The first part of your post seems to indicate the you do have an Evernote account and have been using it at least a bit, but not as a Premium User. But the last part of your post seems to say that you do have an active Premium account.

    Can you please clarify the above questions and also let us know if you:

    A) Do have an active Evernote account or not? Meaning did you ever go through the steps to set up an account in your name with your email address?

    B) If yes to question A, have you done it a second timw with a different email address? I'm asking because sometimes people accidentally create two accounts thinking something wasn't working with the first email they registered with, and use an alternate email thinking it will take them to their original account because the other info like your name is the same. Unfortunately, what that does is create two separate accounts as each Evernote account can only be linked to *one* email.

    C) So basically, all of the above leads me suspect that you created a Basic, free Evernote account after purchasing you device, and used it for a time before realizing it was not a Premium account. And that you recently figured out how to apply the free Premium subscription that came as part of your device purchase, but inadvertantly opened a whole new account with an alternate email address, and are now realizing the any notes created & synced in the older account, are not showing up in the newer, Premium one. And vise versa.

    Have I got your situation right, or have am I way off the mark? (Meaning wrong.

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  12. I may just be having a major brain *****, but for the last few days I have been unable to create Note Links on the Android app. I'm back on the basic free plan (for now), and my app is up-to-date. I cannot find the Note Link option in any of the menus. Longpress makes no difference.

    I've never had this problem before and use them quite extensively. Does anyone know if this option was deprecated for the Basic, free plan?

  13. Hi. Look at the far left icon in the green bar across the top of your screen when you open Evernote. The icon is 3 horizontal line. Tap on that to bring up a menu and select the Notebooks option, which is the 3rd choice down on it.

    The top of your list of Notbooks will first show the 3 most recent ones you've accessed, then all of them listed in alphabetic order. (Just realized that EN seems to have a thing about the number 3...

  14. Haha, certainly not a guru, especially compared to you, Gaz!

    This was a problem I grapppled with for the longest time. I even asked about is several times on the Forum, but wasn't able to clearly express what the problem was. Then a few months I responded to an Evernote Blog post in my Facebook feed and mentioned it in my reply. An EN staffer noticed and played 20 Question with me until he realized what I'd been missing the whole time... The green Elephant! Until then, I thought is was just a way to decorate the spinning disc, so never even thought to try tapping on it!

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  15. Hi. I believe I know what you're referring to and it had me stumped for the longest time.

    When you use the Share function on your android to clip something from the internet, you'll see - briefly, so watch for it - a round elephant icon with a spinner going around it. Tap the elephant before it stops spinning. This will bring up a box showing the your Notebook default and under that, an area where you can add Tags.

    * To change the destination Notebook tap on it and it will bring up your Notebook Menu, where you can choose an exiting one or create a new one. Then click OK at the menu bottom.

    * If you want to add Tags after choosing your Notebook, then tap the Tags area to bring up your Tags Menu.

    I love the function that allows me to use Android's system-wide "Share..." feature to clip an article I'm reading in Chrome, for instance.

    However, it's driving me a little crazy, because Evernote 100%, all the time, without fail, puts a newly-clipped article in one particular wrong notebook. You'd think the system would put it in the most recently used notebook, or try to guess at the context like the web clipper does, or maybe just add it to my original, default, came-with-my-account notebook ... but instead it puts all new articles in a notebook I have for a particular specific niche set of notes.

    I do not want new web clippings in this notebook.

    It's getting to the point that I'm now using Pocket for clipping some things for later, because it's a miserable experience to re-file a bunch of notes in the Evernote Android app (3 taps to move notebooks, and you can only refile one clip at a time), and I don't want to have to remember to sort all my new clips on my computer when I get home.

    I've been through the few user-accessible options in the Android app, and there seems to be no way to set a default notebook for new web clippings on Android.

    Please add this feature. Or, if it's already there, please make it easier to find - I've been searching for it a few times.

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