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  1. Hello, I'm a relatively new Premium Evernote User. Recently, I tried accessing some of my PDF documents I added to Evernote from my Windows desktop application. I can read and access the PDF documents just fine on the Windows platform. (picture 1) However, when I go to the same notes on my iPhone 5s there is a "placeholder" with an instruction to download the PDF file (picture 2). {See Pictures} My question, is the way the Evernote Application with PDF's is suppose to behave? If I download the same PDF file to my iTunes file, I can at least read the PDF file in my iBooks reader after syncing the device. Any help on "how Evernote works with PDF's to the iphone" will be helpful. Thanks
  2. I was totally taking a shot to ask. I just had a file that I was updating (with about 15 hours of work on it) . It had tables. The entire table disappeared in a instance when I clicked (not deleted) the last cell in the table.

    Is there anyway I can get it back. I'm so like - destroyed by it's loss

    I checked my cloud and the entire table is gone

    1. amanda_h


      Hey @dCote,

      First, thanks again for your patience while Geoff investigates your account status and why it's showing as Basic. He's still working with our team to figure out why that's happening. Regarding the table disappearing, are you able to recover the correct version from Note History?

      To access note history in Evernote for Mac, follow these steps:

      1. Open Evernote for Mac and select a note
      2. Click the note info button (i) and select View History
      3. Click Import next to the note version you want to restore
      4. Select Yes to import the note into a synchronized notebook
      5. Open the Import New… notebook where the note was downloaded and move it to the notebook of your choice

      To access note history in Evernote for Windows, follow these steps:

      1. Open Evernote for Windows and select a note
      2. Click the Info button and select View history
      3. Click Import next to the note version you want to restore
      4. Select Yes to import the note into a synchronized notebook
      5. Open the Import New… notebook where the note was downloaded and move it to the notebook of your choice

      Let me know how that goes!


    2. dCote


      Thanks Amanda. I ended up re typing in all the data. But thank you for all the notes above. I'm saving those.

      I was on here today to figure out why my iphone 5s and Evernote "notes with pdf's" aren't showing up.

      I was on an Evernote old discussion when I saw you replied. Thanks

      For me, the PDF's have a placeholder in the note itself but I was so hoping to open a note and actually get to the PDF file on my iphone without having to wait and download the pdf to the iphone.

      Thank you for your notes above. Just as a precaution I also did my first "back up" of Evernote today. I've added so much data since I became a premium user that it would be absolutely awful if I lost any of these notes.

      If you have any hints or better resources for me to look at for the "Evernote PDF - iPhone 5s" issue please pass them along.

      Hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was Happy & Healthy with you & yours





    3. dCote


      Amanda - FYI I just submitted a forum ticket on the PDF file question



  3. Thanks Amanda for all your help. It's not 'hurting or annoying me" in anyway it just seems like a glitch that may need repair. Thanks again
  4. DTLow & Dave-In-Decatur Again thank you for your considered thoughts & push over to Amanda_h and Hello Amanda - Appreciate the storage comments and for checking into the other profile issue. Looking forward to a reply Awesome - to see Actionable On Time Servicer in Customer Service Blush-on with Boldness
  5. GAZUMPED, DTLow, Dave-In-Decatur Thank you for all your inputs and quick replies. With all things considered this may seem like a small matter but my PROFILE DATA AND SUBSCRIPTION - in my opinion should be consistent on all levels of Evernote under the SAME USERID. Currently, it's not. I should be corrected by Evernote. Let me reiterate the user ID IS NOT incorrect and in fact, the accounts (my WEB EVERNOTE ACCOUNT & DISCUSSION / FORUM PROFILE) are linked. Again, under my profile ID and as a new premium member it should state PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION instead of BASIC MEMBERSHIP as it currently shows. I've used the same exact account data since 2013. When I upgraded to premium in July 2016 it should have changed. as well. CAN THIS BE CHANGED BY EVERNOTE? MY ACCOUNTS ARE THE SAME AND LINKED UP Here's how the accounts (WEB EVERNOTE & Discussion / Forum UserID Profile) are LINKED 1 When I sign in [by URL https://discussion.evernote.com/] and 2 Go to my name (upper right corner) and 3 Use drop down & select from the menu list ACCOUNT SETTINGS [PROFILE - MY ATTACHMENTS - MANAGE FOLLOWED CONTENT - ACCOUNT SETTINGS - IGNORED USERS - SIGN OUT] 4 And click EMAIL SETTINGS under the OVERVIEW heading the 5 System jumps straight to my Evernote Web Profile to Account Summary showing all my data as correct - including my premium subscription. NOTE: I don't even have to sign in as I'm already signed in to my discussion / forum user profile So these accounts are linked but my "discussion / forum profile" is NOT consistent or up to date as my "real Evernote" profile. Again, maybe a small matter but it's incorrect data under the same user id account. Would a forum message like this bring this to Evernote (employee) attention or should I just over look the inconsistency? Thank you for any thoughts in advance
  6. Thanks for reply DTLOW. I have 1 evernote account but as I now see it has several layers. I've always used the exact same userid since 2013 and did not accidentally open up a new account.I was a "free user" until July 2016 when I moved to Premium. - please see next message on this issue Thanks for reply DAVE-IN-DECATUR - I don't understand the 500KB quota either. It showed up all day yesterday but after signing in today I don't see the bar (6% used) or quota comment in my attachments. ???? Very odd. Glad I had snapshots or I would have thought I imagined it. The system (within the discussion / forum user profile) will NOT allow me to edit or delete "MY ATTACHMENTS". Essentially, I will just keep this in mind when I post to the forum. It appears if I use the image or document for the forum then it stays on my account forever. That seems messy & a waste of space. Especially wasteful since all my history of replies and actual messages already show up in this profile. I'm just going to assume this is an Evernote storage issue design and that "storage limits are on Evernote" and not going toward my monthly personal account. Do you think that is a correct assumption - specifically all attachments are on Evernote and not counting toward my monthly premium storage allowance? Since this is already long, can you review the next reply & question I have concerning the user id profile data
  7. THANKS GAZUMPED FOR REPLYING SO FAST AND OH MY GOSH WHEN I WENT TO ACCOUNT IT'S SHOWING ME AS A BASIC USER BUT I'M PREMIUM - WHICH IS NOW A MUCH BIGGER ISSUE TO ME??? FOR THE ORIGINAL QUESTION HERE IS THE URL - i GET TO IT AFTER I SIGN IN TO MY ACCOUNT now it's showing 2 attachments???? - IN FACT IT KEEPS GROWING AS i TYPE THIS???? - I'm so confused? https://discussion.evernote.com/attachments/ https://discussion.evernote.com/profile/167897-dcote/ ALSO - Can you also help with the Premium vs Basic Issue. I'm a premium paid user? Thank you Gazumped
  8. How can I permanently remove an attachment that I already deleted from my account? Weeks ago, I sent a image from my iphone to my evernote email inbox account. I deleted it almost immediately after using it.. The image (attachment) no longer resides on my phone, ipod, or desktop account. I have confirmed that the trash is empty and all devices are synced. However, when I just went online (web evernote) and went to my profile Home > "My Attachments" the document still shows up under my account. As stated It was deleted weeks ago. I've been googling for an hour and been through several blogs and see issues on attachments but it in this case, I just want to permanently delete an attachment I already deleted and not have it show up in my quota. It's taking up space for my attachment quota but it was deleted weeks ago but still remains. "see picture" I didn't even realize there was such a small attachment limit (500 kb) but regardless can someone show me how to delete it from my account. This could also be a security issue given I thought the file was deleted weeks ago. Thank you for your assistance in advance
  9. Mark - I went a little further (by deleting all of EN and reinstalling and importing) and did exactly what you stated to get the dot in the sync section to disappear. It seemed to be associated with 1 or 2 notebooks. Initially, I thought it had something to do with the tags. When I reimported everything back into a new notebook - all was well and there wasn't a dot. However, when I edited anything in the body of the note or the tag, the dot would reappear and reappear for every single note in that notebook. That's where I followed your steps (organically) to have the same end result. To summarize my journey with this When I changed something in the body or tag of a "untroubled" notebook - I had no issues regardless of recapture When I changed something in the body or tag of a "troubled" (one that had multiple dots that would NOT go away even with a successful synchronization) notebook - I had to delete the entire notebook, clean trash and essentially recreate the notebook and notes to get the dot to disappear HOWEVER, with the 2nd issue, even with the dot in the sync column - when I compared the note to the web version it appeared to be up to date. So the dot in the sync column may have been a false positive. Since I didn't want to chance it I still did the steps you stated in your clean up
  10. Thanks Jefito, and especially for the taxonomy. Had I understood all this prior to jumping into EN (I'm relatively newbie), I would have proceeded differently. As I had mentioned, I ended up "re-making" the file structure AFTER losing data, which now I see obviously is a NO WIN for me. I had 3x less the amount of stacks that I currently have now. My rationale when I was rebuilding was "if I have to copy the back up - then I want these pieces of this pie to be smaller." So it appears that I'm in a quandary. One of the good uses I loved about EN was having all the data "housed" in the same area. Essentially, besides day to day working files. I removed and cleaned out things on my hard drive folders and put them into EN. Can the "references" gather dust just like old books on the shelf. Absolutely, but they are less apt to with visual (stack, notebook) when I open EN. In fact, I deleted a ton of data that was just taking up space prior to going into EN. And duplicating data or similar data is not an issue now that I use tags and have things easily seen in one house. The EN attraction for me is like a 1 stop shop without having to switch to different platforms etc Gosh, I'm going to back up all my data and figure out how to proceed. Maybe, I'm in the wrong venue for how I'm using EN. Bummed..but thank you for your reply
  11. David Pierson and Jefito I so appreciate your replies. I just heard from Evernote yesterday (via a ticket I submitted from last week) on what you had mentioned Jefito. I was monitoring usage and didn't realize there was a cap on notebooks. I'm not even close to using my monthly usage, but now I understand I have a volume problem. I was using the terms incorrectly (stack, notebook, note), so when I did a copy of the stack (which I thought was a notebook) I assumed incorrectly that the entire file structure would be put back into place as it was. For me, the whole point of organizing the folders (notebooks) is to have that separation of under a certain category (stack) to get to it quickly. Most of the folders are simply references and serve as a storage cabinet, much like a book shelf. Relative to actual day to day working files, I would estimate that I have just under a dozen. Now, the bigger issue while I was waiting on a reply from Evernote. I didn't capture all I lost, but I rebuilt the entire structure which actually might have complicated things more. I haven't had a sync issue since I rebuilt but my web & mobile note count is NOT matching up. (which you & EN pointed out is due to reaching a limit). I haven't exported or stored anything to my desktop (local) since I rebuilt so now I'm wondering since my desktop version is" keeping sync" (meaning the notes are accurate each time I open it up but NOT sync'd to the web) how I will fix this for the "mobile" capture and where EN is "getting" my data to keep my count accurate each day. I'm using the "freebie" app. Since I now understand the that the 250 includes all stacks and notebooks, I replied to Evernote (last night) to ask if going to the premium version will "fix" this problem. And if so, will going premium keep the file structure I have now without having to delete stacks and notebooks Do you know if going to premium will keep all these notebooks or does this 250 limit apply, regardless?
  12. I'm getting the same problems as Kim. Basically, this just started the last 72 hours. Everything I’m trying to do now - which means using Evernote without any fancy features - was no problem the last 5 months. So , for me, these sync issues are brand new I have lost 100 notes, I didn't realize exporting a stack (that had NOT sync"d) wouldn't copy all the notes. So after hearing from Evernote on Thursday I exported ALL my stacks one by one thinking it would copy the file structure and all notes under that stack - NOT SO - I incorrectly thought that the issue would be fixed and "somewhere lay my data & I would be able to recover it from my system somewhere " - not so – Also, in the last 24 hours I've uninstalled EN from my Windows 7 IE 11 environment, did a fresh computer clean of cache etc and reinstalled. All notes that were in the cloud came back on, missing 103 notes, I used the import to import my notes but again that DID NOT RECOVER my notebooks or notes. I have no idea why. Today and after a fresh RE-INSTALL, any time I change a notebook name or move a note from an old stack to a new stack (to a notebook) I'm getting a "Sync Failure Due to Unexpected Behavior on the Client Side" Given I'm waiting on EN to reply to my last request of what to do -I'm following the below directions from EN. I basically sync after every move so I know exactly what is being missed. I import that notebook to my desk top, I sign out of EN and go to the options database folder and take out the “exb” file, I sign back in and let EN repopulate, then I go to my file holding the unsync’d data and import it in, I sync successfully. I’ve done this practice 13x today. It’s like building a house with a deck of cards if not done carefully. Since I’ve not changed anything in my system I can’t help but think something in the cloud either between Windows update and Evernote has changed since 02/12/14 via a behind the scene update – regardless, I want to just use EN instead of rebuilding it. Here are the 2 error situations My Activity Error Message basically looks this when I ADD A NOTEBOOK 07:55:03 [9616] 0% Creating server notebook "Wk_Bucket" 07:55:03 [9616] 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=LIMIT_REACHED parameter="Notebook" 07:55:03 [9616] 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 1s 07:55:03 [9616] 0% * sent: 524B, received: 288B 07:55:03 [9616] 0% * 0s (92%) spent in EDAM RPC My Activity Error Message basically looks this when I MOVE A NOTE TO A NEW STACK 06:00:23 [7300] 0% * saved updateCount: 24787 06:00:23 [7300] 0% Expunging server items 06:00:24 [7300] 0% Updating server items 06:00:24 [7300] 0% Updating server notebook "50.70_Medical" 06:00:24 [7300] 0% * guid={4dfa4597-0875-4fe8-b814-2ac034874ce2} 06:00:24 [7300] 0% EDAMNotFoundException: id="Notebook.guid" key="4dfa4597-0875-4fe8-b814-2ac034874ce2" 06:00:24 [7300] 0% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 1s 06:00:24 [7300] 0% * sent: 753B, received: 495B 06:00:24 [7300] 0% * 1s (100%) spent in EDAM RPC HERE IS WHAT EN SENT ME 72 HOURS AGO (note my error code has slightly changed in 3 days) The original error message 3 days ago before I did a uninstall and reinstall was “Synchronization failed - Sync failed due to an unexpected error on the server side” From Evernote to me on server side issue: “I recommend a database rebuild. Be sure to save any notes that are on your desktop and haven't synced to the web. There are instructions below on how you might choose to do that. If you do not have any important Local Only or unsynchronized notes*, please try moving your Evernote database so that Evernote will regenerate a new local database by copying your notes back down from the service. To do this: 1. In Evernote, go to File > Logout "Username" 2. If Evernote has closed, please re-open it. You will now be on the Sign-In page. 3. Go to Evernote > Options (upper left-hand corner) 4. Click on the "Open Database files folder" button 5. Move the file with your username (ending in "exb") to a different location. For example, move it to your computer's desktop. 6. Sign In to Evernote with your username and password 7. Wait for your account data to synchronize to your machine from the service. Let us know if this fixes the problem. *If you do have any Local Only notebooks, right-click the notebook name in the left-hand notebook pane and select "Export", then export the notebook to .enex format, exporting tags if desired. If you have some unsynchronized notes, you can go to the Note List view, sort by the "Sync" column, and export any notes that have a * in that column to .enex format before following the above instructions. Once those instructions are finished, you can then import the .enex files you created to restore these exported notes." If anyone has any thoughts on how to stop "rebuilding EN" note by note I sure would appreciate it.
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