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  1. Hello, I'm a relatively new Premium Evernote User. Recently, I tried accessing some of my PDF documents I added to Evernote from my Windows desktop application. I can read and access the PDF documents just fine on the Windows platform. (picture 1) However, when I go to the same notes on my iPhone 5s there is a "placeholder" with an instruction to download the PDF file (picture 2). {See Pictures} My question, is the way the Evernote Application with PDF's is suppose to behave? If I download the same PDF file to my iTunes file, I can at least read the PDF file in my iBooks reade
  2. I was totally taking a shot to ask. I just had a file that I was updating (with about 15 hours of work on it) . It had tables. The entire table disappeared in a instance when I clicked (not deleted) the last cell in the table.

    Is there anyway I can get it back. I'm so like - destroyed by it's loss

    I checked my cloud and the entire table is gone

    1. amanda_h


      Hey @dCote,

      First, thanks again for your patience while Geoff investigates your account status and why it's showing as Basic. He's still working with our team to figure out why that's happening. Regarding the table disappearing, are you able to recover the correct version from Note History?

      To access note history in Evernote for Mac, follow these steps:

      1. Open Evernote for Mac and select a note
      2. Click the note info button (i) and select View History
      3. Click Import next to the note version you want to restore
      4. Select Yes to import the note into a synchronized notebook
      5. Open the Import New… notebook where the note was downloaded and move it to the notebook of your choice

      To access note history in Evernote for Windows, follow these steps:

      1. Open Evernote for Windows and select a note
      2. Click the Info button and select View history
      3. Click Import next to the note version you want to restore
      4. Select Yes to import the note into a synchronized notebook
      5. Open the Import New… notebook where the note was downloaded and move it to the notebook of your choice

      Let me know how that goes!


    2. dCote


      Thanks Amanda. I ended up re typing in all the data. But thank you for all the notes above. I'm saving those.

      I was on here today to figure out why my iphone 5s and Evernote "notes with pdf's" aren't showing up.

      I was on an Evernote old discussion when I saw you replied. Thanks

      For me, the PDF's have a placeholder in the note itself but I was so hoping to open a note and actually get to the PDF file on my iphone without having to wait and download the pdf to the iphone.

      Thank you for your notes above. Just as a precaution I also did my first "back up" of Evernote today. I've added so much data since I became a premium user that it would be absolutely awful if I lost any of these notes.

      If you have any hints or better resources for me to look at for the "Evernote PDF - iPhone 5s" issue please pass them along.

      Hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was Happy & Healthy with you & yours





    3. dCote


      Amanda - FYI I just submitted a forum ticket on the PDF file question



  3. Thanks Amanda for all your help. It's not 'hurting or annoying me" in anyway it just seems like a glitch that may need repair. Thanks again
  4. DTLow & Dave-In-Decatur Again thank you for your considered thoughts & push over to Amanda_h and Hello Amanda - Appreciate the storage comments and for checking into the other profile issue. Looking forward to a reply Awesome - to see Actionable On Time Servicer in Customer Service Blush-on with Boldness
  5. GAZUMPED, DTLow, Dave-In-Decatur Thank you for all your inputs and quick replies. With all things considered this may seem like a small matter but my PROFILE DATA AND SUBSCRIPTION - in my opinion should be consistent on all levels of Evernote under the SAME USERID. Currently, it's not. I should be corrected by Evernote. Let me reiterate the user ID IS NOT incorrect and in fact, the accounts (my WEB EVERNOTE ACCOUNT & DISCUSSION / FORUM PROFILE) are linked. Again, under my profile ID and as a new premium member it should state PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION instead of BASIC MEMBERSH
  6. Thanks for reply DTLOW. I have 1 evernote account but as I now see it has several layers. I've always used the exact same userid since 2013 and did not accidentally open up a new account.I was a "free user" until July 2016 when I moved to Premium. - please see next message on this issue Thanks for reply DAVE-IN-DECATUR - I don't understand the 500KB quota either. It showed up all day yesterday but after signing in today I don't see the bar (6% used) or quota comment in my attachments. ???? Very odd. Glad I had snapshots or I would have thought I imagined it. The system (
  7. THANKS GAZUMPED FOR REPLYING SO FAST AND OH MY GOSH WHEN I WENT TO ACCOUNT IT'S SHOWING ME AS A BASIC USER BUT I'M PREMIUM - WHICH IS NOW A MUCH BIGGER ISSUE TO ME??? FOR THE ORIGINAL QUESTION HERE IS THE URL - i GET TO IT AFTER I SIGN IN TO MY ACCOUNT now it's showing 2 attachments???? - IN FACT IT KEEPS GROWING AS i TYPE THIS???? - I'm so confused? https://discussion.evernote.com/attachments/ https://discussion.evernote.com/profile/167897-dcote/ ALSO - Can you also help with the Premium vs Basic Issue. I'm a premium paid user? Thank you Gazumped
  8. How can I permanently remove an attachment that I already deleted from my account? Weeks ago, I sent a image from my iphone to my evernote email inbox account. I deleted it almost immediately after using it.. The image (attachment) no longer resides on my phone, ipod, or desktop account. I have confirmed that the trash is empty and all devices are synced. However, when I just went online (web evernote) and went to my profile Home > "My Attachments" the document still shows up under my account. As stated It was deleted weeks ago. I've been googling for an hour and
  9. Hi Aleksandar - My problem was fixed with a complete reboot of the cable company's 3 boxes (routers and such). Like you I had internet connection and other APPS updated but I couldn't get the Evernote one to respond. Also, all the internet speed tests I ran looked decent. BUT Apple tech said something that made me go ahead and wait to reboot all the cable company boxes. "though you have internet connection you may not have the correct and current server location through your provider. You must do a full reboot of your cable provider boxes to update links so the server is obtaining a co
  10. Ok thanks all. I will try a modem reboot and move to a new install for the iphone. We are having another storm and potentially that is causing a slow intermittent issues with internet connection. Just so odd - as I've successfully downloaded other things. I have to wait to reboot the modem as family are watching a show and want me to wait. I did try updating directly from the i phone instead of the computer (my normal practice) but the app just stayed on "waiting" status and has become non-functional. I just got a message back from Apple stating the same things DTLow & Wille
  11. I'm a premium user. I can't update my Evernote App on the iPhone 5S. I tried to update the app straight on my PC and got an error. So I tried to update the app straight from the Iphone 5S and got the same error. I've tried several times. I've updated other apps (just now) with no problems and no network connection issues. Attached is the snapshot of the error message. I also have a iPod (older ios 6.1) that has the Evernote App but I don't update that APP as Apple hasn't updated that ios for years. Any suggestions on how to update the Evernote App? Thanks dCote
  12. Mark - I went a little further (by deleting all of EN and reinstalling and importing) and did exactly what you stated to get the dot in the sync section to disappear. It seemed to be associated with 1 or 2 notebooks. Initially, I thought it had something to do with the tags. When I reimported everything back into a new notebook - all was well and there wasn't a dot. However, when I edited anything in the body of the note or the tag, the dot would reappear and reappear for every single note in that notebook. That's where I followed your steps (organically) to have the same end result. To su
  13. Thanks Jefito, and especially for the taxonomy. Had I understood all this prior to jumping into EN (I'm relatively newbie), I would have proceeded differently. As I had mentioned, I ended up "re-making" the file structure AFTER losing data, which now I see obviously is a NO WIN for me. I had 3x less the amount of stacks that I currently have now. My rationale when I was rebuilding was "if I have to copy the back up - then I want these pieces of this pie to be smaller." So it appears that I'm in a quandary. One of the good uses I loved about EN was having all the data "housed" in the s
  14. David Pierson and Jefito I so appreciate your replies. I just heard from Evernote yesterday (via a ticket I submitted from last week) on what you had mentioned Jefito. I was monitoring usage and didn't realize there was a cap on notebooks. I'm not even close to using my monthly usage, but now I understand I have a volume problem. I was using the terms incorrectly (stack, notebook, note), so when I did a copy of the stack (which I thought was a notebook) I assumed incorrectly that the entire file structure would be put back into place as it was. For me, the whole point of organizing the folde
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