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  1. Exactly. EN is not my brain if I need a calendar and a ToDo app too. Frankly I'd pay for an upgrade if it meant Integrated calendar and/or ToDo functions. Yes there are some API connections out there - GNEO, MYND etc. but none work great. Sunrise isn't bad, but still very limited. I won't pay for more upload space, but I will pay for these features.
  2. I am amazed at how few apps use it. If my Todos in Evernote could flow out into a ToDo app and easily show due dates etc, I would be so happy.
  3. I use EN for everything. And I LOVE it. But I fight with it on my Todos. There's tons of good ToDo apps out there - AnyDo, Wunderlist, and tons of lesser-knowns. Why doesn't EN just buy one and integrate it? Or really open their API up to these other ToDo appps? Why won't EN add real todos? Why won't they add recurring due dates? I am BAFFLED by this. I don't need Evernote cufflinks and socks. I need a ToDo function.
  4. I love the shortcuts feature. But I have a number of notes that are important, but which would create too long a shortcuts list. However if I ALSO had the option to make something a shortcut on a notebook, it would be great.
  5. I love Evernote. But I still can't use it as a ToDo list. Checklists are a bit clunky to be adding and deleting from constantly. Reminders are fine for ticklers, but not as a todo. I use AnyDo right now. I wish they'd merge. Any tips on Todos in En? Any third-party apps you'd recommend? Any idea if EN plans to truly tackle ToDos?
  6. I thought I had a shortcuts tab on my ios EN note that I could click on for all my shortcuts. Am I imagining that? It is not there any longer. I can search for things that are tagged in shortcuts. But it is not there now?
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