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  1. BUMP on this topic! How hard would it be to add a "Remove formatting" button similar to what we know from -for example- Gmail? And while you're at it. Make it so that Hyperlinks are not removed in the process! That would really be great!
  2. Well Tested it. First I had a password encrypted then i decrypted it (to change the passphrase) but during that time it got synced for the version history. and then I encrypted it again. So now one plain text version can be found in the second last version in the history.. The plaintext version can't even be deleted! So all I can do, is to delete the note completely paste it into a new one and start a new version history. Not ideal... That "bad person" could be somebody using my computer from time to time or the computer with access to a shared notebook. So it is a concern!
  3. Hi, I have a question: how does EN deal with notes that have encrypted section when doing the History (versioning). If a text was un-encrypted at one point in the history will it be available through accessing the Note History? i.e. if someone with bad intentions comes to my note with an encrypted password can he just go to the Version History and if he's lucky find the unencrypted first verion of that note? thx :DrSnap
  4. Hi When I want to encrypt a new section in a note Evernote always asks me for an "encryption passphrase" that I've used at the very beginning of my Evernote life. I have to then enter a wrong password (i.e. anything) and then it asks me if I want to use a new Encryption passphrase? I have the option to "Try the passphrase again" or "Use a new passphrase (NOT RECOMMENDED)". With that second option I can then choose my new passphrase that i always use nowadays. My question: Why does EN always ask for this old passphrase and how can I make it stop? Thx :DrSnap
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