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  1. Has this behavior changed?  

    Another difference between web clipper and Windows is search of tags as you autocomplete. I prefer the web clipper. I tag recipes with ingredients and I often can't remember the exact syntax: red pepper vs pepper (red).  typing "red" will bring up both tags in clipper but not in Windows.

  2. I get green links when I use the web clipper, blue links if I copy and paste from a web page.

    I'm trying to figure out how to tweak this formatting because, in addition to the green links, web clipped article paragraphs are formatted so the lines do not extend to the edge of the note, ie. the paragraphs are too narrow.


    EDIT: My problem is caused by using "simplified" when clipping.  When I do this, I get this odd formatting in EN (windows) and nothing I do changes the paragraph formatting.





  3. I'm reorganizing some notes and I cannot cut/paste nor copy/paste images.  Nothing happens.  


    The copy function doesn't work - the clipboard still contains the previously copied item.


    More discussion and links to other threads on this topic: 




    Workaround:  i'm going to drag the image into snagit, recopy, then paste.

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