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  1. Thanks! That would be the best workaround. I ended up numbering by hand in this case.
  2. I don't know what your point is. I don't know how to find or vote for feature requests. This is an extremely basic functional request. If you are belittling me because I didn't dream up a workaround, please keep it to yourself. Have fun exporting to PDF, going into Acrobat...wait, why doesn't Evernote just do this?
  3. The reason I keep things like medical info in a notes application instead of separate word processing documents, is so that I can organize and find things. That's the purpose of a notes application such as Evernote. Maintaining a Word Doc within Evernote for my own data is inflexible and cumbersome. You do that just so you can get page numbers?
  4. That's another thing about Evernote. I've observed several people post valid frustrations about basic functionality missing, and instead of help they get these useless and disparaging comments. This is actually the main thing that drove me to migrate off of Evernote as much as possible. (Well, that and its unacceptable slowness for quick notes, and its inability to reasonably handle sync conflicts...and its inability to handle large notes... So actually it's hard to choose.) I had to fax something for medical purposes to a place that only accepts faxes or mail. Without the proper page o
  5. Evernote has some real holes in its functionality. As far as I can tell, you cannot, as you mention, print with page numbers. That's crazy.
  6. A container of tiled images could be useful, but the simplest thing is a resizeable inline image. I would guess inline images is the more common case. That way text can be written next to them without special caption functionality.
  7. Our solutions sound extremely similar. The resizer sets a specific size in pixels. Yes, it should scale live as it's adjusted, I was just saying it should cache the last setting for quicker access so it doesn't have to rescale every view...maybe not, just an idea. Whatever works. If the mobile device can't support that size, shrink it or make it side scrolling or whatever that device does with fonts and line wrapping. (An iPhone wraps and probably shrinks, it does not scroll, if I'm not mistaken.) Assuming that fonts are displayed with some shrinking algorithm on mobile devices, use a
  8. +1,000,000,000 I've been glancing at this thread for a year, and I am completely confused why this isn't a high priority issue. This is because one of the biggest promises of Evernote is capturing data beyond text - and most useful to most people is images. If I'm not mistaken, Evernote's mission includes making notes and memories as easy as possible to collect and organize. Resizing the display (not the underlying data - the display in Evernote) is as basic as being able to resize fonts, or use bold or color to make things more visible. It allows one to visually organize a note. T
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