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  1. It's the same error the OP saw. My client version is identified in the thread, it's "mac", so yes, Mac client. I'm not trying to troubleshoot it so I'm not detailing my network or security, but I still contend that this should not be necessary to fix the bug, or even troubleshoot it, because if intermittent connectivity can cause data loss, I believe that the right answer is to avoid the possibility, not get it temporarily working. So on that note, yes, I did stumble across the ability to go back versions in Evernote, thank you. I will have to try that. Not just for this bug, but also because I can't export all my notes for a backup using this version. It will only select 50 notes at a time. (Another very unfortunate design decision.) I don't believe I posted anything inappropriate for the forum. I am familiar with forum protocol and I believe that everything in my post was germane to helping Evernote and its users identify and fix problems, as well as avoid them. I did comment about a different bug in the same system. Readers are free to ignore it, but it might be relevant to sync stability for a user or engineer. And on that note, I should also mention that I successfully worked around that problem (sync conflicts which resulted in an un-notified (pun?) combination of both versions within the same note). I did so by not editing long notes with many lines of text. It seemed to happen when updating notes like that, maybe 100+ lines. My personal advice is do not maintain notes with many text lines in which you add or edit a few lines at a time. If you are going to have to edit them, split them into notes of a few pages max.
  2. I added other anecdotes about Evernote as a cautionary tale for those who should search this way, as evidence that Evernote has a problematic, and slightly bizarre, history with syncing. Again, I would point out that my edits are being intentionally deleted and replaced with an old version which should never happen under any circumstances ever. In this case, there is zero complexity, there's no syncing from another device, etc. But even if there were, this shouldn't happen. At least not in any scenario that I can imagine. I don't know what is wrong with my problem description. I go in and edit a note. After a few minutes, it pops up that warning and deletes my edits. I tried it again. It deleted it again. Regardless of any connectivity issue anywhere in the network, including security software, THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Evernote should be robust with respect to intermittent connectivity, and not get confused. At worst, it should duplicate data, not delete it. So I am not trying to fix this for me, I am trying to migrate to a safer app, while warning others. I don't even know which category this goes in. If it happens on Mac, Windows and web, which one is that? Connecting the dots here seems perfectly appropriate; it appears to be the same problem. Another thing about Evernote I've noticed is this forum. Someone will post about very frustrating and unreasonable shortcomings with Evernote, and then get criticized for it like they are the problem, or they have the shortcomings. If you have a question, ask politely and try to understand their perspective. No need to dismiss or criticize. This forum is about criticizing and fixing Evernote, not its users. People come to this forum, make a post, adapt, got back and forth, because Evernote caused them an issue in the first place that should never have occurred. Consideration of this is appreciated.
  3. I posted here, because that's where I found mention of my problem. I hope it doesn't happen to many people, but it's so over-the-top that Evernote has become untenable for even basic usage. I thought I'd at least try to get that experience out there where it might help somebody, possibly Evernote. I'm on Big Sur 11.4. I see 10.16.7-mac-ddl-public (2732). I never saw a version with the word "public" in it before, so I mentally skipped over it, assuming the Editor was what I was looking for. (Why not label it?) I have not found any "Settings" or "Preferences" in this version of Evernote, other than this menu item. I will play with that Save setting if desperate. Thanks.
  4. This is crazy. I'm getting this error repeatedly, trying to update a note, and this seems to not be a new error. The changes are completely lost as soon as I press that Reload button. I can't figure out why an error would ever cause it to dump text or other edits. At worst, there's a sync conflict (which I think is supposed to result in duplicating the note as a separate note, although it's done other bizarre things, see below), but it instead it ERASES ALL THE CHANGES ONE JUST MADE. (And no, there are not parallel changes to this note being made on another device, I'm just one person.) At this point, I'd be insane to keep using Evernote for anything important. If it can't save some basic changes, and it's a repeated error, how could Evernote ever be trusted to save anything reliably? One would never know when it would fail. This is the Mac client Editor: v126.0.16239, Service: v1.37.3 This goes to show how, over the years the sync errors I had were harbingers of even more unacceptable things to come. I never have problems like this with Apple Notes or other other apps. While I'm sure sync errors are not unique to Evernote, Evernote has always had the most uniquely frustrating and destructive sync issues in my experience or what I've read. (Sometime ti still quietly resolves a sync conflict by appending the entire version of one to the first note, which is not appropriate, but worse it doesn't alert me and that can happen over and over so you end up with a giant note of not-quite-repeated text one must try to merge, it's very time consuming even with unix diff tools. The worst thing of all, was that there was always plenty of time to sync any changes after they were made in a device, so there should never have been any conflicts to begin with.) Combined with the very limited 2-layer hierarchy of Evernote, I've only continued to use it out of wanting to avoid a migration project, but I've put less and less important things in it, fortunately. Good luck! I do hope they fix this bug, it's nuts. Because it's not a typical bug when accidental behavior occurs (it got confused and accidentally lost changes), it's behavior that should NEVER EVER under any circumstances occur (it got confused and intentionally overwrote all changes the user just made, and had the chutzpah to tell you and make you press the button).
  5. Thanks! That would be the best workaround. I ended up numbering by hand in this case.
  6. I don't know what your point is. I don't know how to find or vote for feature requests. This is an extremely basic functional request. If you are belittling me because I didn't dream up a workaround, please keep it to yourself. Have fun exporting to PDF, going into Acrobat...wait, why doesn't Evernote just do this?
  7. The reason I keep things like medical info in a notes application instead of separate word processing documents, is so that I can organize and find things. That's the purpose of a notes application such as Evernote. Maintaining a Word Doc within Evernote for my own data is inflexible and cumbersome. You do that just so you can get page numbers?
  8. That's another thing about Evernote. I've observed several people post valid frustrations about basic functionality missing, and instead of help they get these useless and disparaging comments. This is actually the main thing that drove me to migrate off of Evernote as much as possible. (Well, that and its unacceptable slowness for quick notes, and its inability to reasonably handle sync conflicts...and its inability to handle large notes... So actually it's hard to choose.) I had to fax something for medical purposes to a place that only accepts faxes or mail. Without the proper page order, it's difficult to decipher the document. What am I supposed to do in that case? Get the patient to switch hospitals? Am I supposed to anticipate any possible time I might need to print something out, and not use EverNote for anything related to that? Does that seem practicable? What should I use instead? What does it mean to be a "document page product"? It has information. Sometimes information needs to be printed out. Of all the text-related applications that exist and can print, I question how many can't do basic page numbers. Remember, it has to format the printout anyway. That's the stage where it could add page numbers! Like any other program. Why does it print at all if printing is so passe? The question is, are page numbers a reasonable and useful feature? Not, how many people who could have used it bothered to post on this forum, and then endure these silly comments that belittle totally useful and basic feature requests. Does it really bother you so much when Evernote gets criticized? If you never need to print, good for you! You're free to focus on something else. Please, never respond to any of my posts or comments again unless you have something constructive to add, per the spirit of this forum.
  9. Evernote has some real holes in its functionality. As far as I can tell, you cannot, as you mention, print with page numbers. That's crazy.
  10. A container of tiled images could be useful, but the simplest thing is a resizeable inline image. I would guess inline images is the more common case. That way text can be written next to them without special caption functionality.
  11. Our solutions sound extremely similar. The resizer sets a specific size in pixels. Yes, it should scale live as it's adjusted, I was just saying it should cache the last setting for quicker access so it doesn't have to rescale every view...maybe not, just an idea. Whatever works. If the mobile device can't support that size, shrink it or make it side scrolling or whatever that device does with fonts and line wrapping. (An iPhone wraps and probably shrinks, it does not scroll, if I'm not mistaken.) Assuming that fonts are displayed with some shrinking algorithm on mobile devices, use a similar one. I'm not saying it's brain-dead trivial to display on mobile devices...that's what Evernote solves and we know they can do it. It would seem as straightforward as plenty of things they already do. Resizing in another program is like Word having no ability to scale images - actually it's worse because Evernote is more image-oriented in focus. For one thing, adjusting the size in situ means no guessing and going back, let along the extra time and inconvenience of doing it once. I really can't see this being worse than current mobile display problems. There's something of a specific pixel dimensio s, at a location on a line, so wrap and/or shrink it. What am I missing?
  12. +1,000,000,000 I've been glancing at this thread for a year, and I am completely confused why this isn't a high priority issue. This is because one of the biggest promises of Evernote is capturing data beyond text - and most useful to most people is images. If I'm not mistaken, Evernote's mission includes making notes and memories as easy as possible to collect and organize. Resizing the display (not the underlying data - the display in Evernote) is as basic as being able to resize fonts, or use bold or color to make things more visible. It allows one to visually organize a note. This is of utmost importance in allowing one to actually use a note. When the picture takes up the whole note, it makes the note is a mess and completely unwieldy. I often can't see the pic in one screen and have to page down. (And I mean on my laptop, not just iphone.) The basic proposal here is very simple. We don't need to resize the underlying file. (While is useful, it's not exactly Evernote's job, which focuses on the display, rather than the original capture or data sizes.) All we need is a corner to pull in. Aspect ratio can stay locked, that's fine. I understand this isn't a word processor. We don't need to have captions or be able to type on extra lines next to it. Just one corner. Lower right. That's 99% of the issue. The design is straightforward, too; proportionally scale it when displaying it using well-established algorithms and cache the scaled copy when the note is saved. Yes, one could use another program to resize a photo, then go back and forth and see how it looks in Evernote. That is completely out of the question for trying to capture any reasonable amount of data in a reasonable amount of time as this app is intended to do. I would also like to add that one thing thing that made me hesitate to post here was the attitude of some of the forum watchers who were quite dismissive and unhelpful. I would like to commend and thank Jackolicious for stepping in and providing helpful responses, even if the answer isn't quite what we were hoping for. (Yet! )
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