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  1. Hey, I just installed the evernote app a little while ago and was testing it out and noticed the missing cursor caret thing. It was really bothering me so I was trying to find a fix and ended up here. I gave up looking, but then I stumbled across a solution on accident and thought I would share. It's not a perfect solution, but maybe this problem will be fixed in the next update. I can get the caret to show up by tapping and holding in the white space at the end of any line. Then, you can just drag the cursor to where you want it. Hope that helps. Also, regarding your first issue... I always like to leave blank lines at the end of my notes as well. Again, this isn't an ideal solution, but I just ended up making a few blank lines and then adding a checklist box to the very end of the note. I suppose just typing any random letter would work, though. Here's to hoping they fix these issues soon!
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