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  1. I am a little late for this reply, but I had the same problem. Here is how you do it. At the bottom of all of your tags is the trash. Click on it and you will see all of your trash notes. If you are sure they are trash, then right click on the trash again and choose empty trash. They will go away. I should say that I did this on my Windows PC.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I was deleting the tag rather than removing it.
  3. I have a what I call an easy task. I want to change a note from "ordered" to "bought". I thought I could create a second tag on the note called "bought". I then delete the tag "ordered", but the note goes away. How can I move a note from one tag to another. What am I missing?
  4. I tried all of the options mention. above. Registry tricks and Revo didn't solve the problem. I finally opted to extend my subscription to "Advance System Optimizer" ($39). It took about an hour or more while the optimizer downloaded and installed drivers and worked on the register and files, I then clicked on my Evernote 5.3.1 executable. Perfect, well worth the $39. I must have spent 8 hours on this problem. I signed into Evernote and all my notes were synched from my phone. All is well. I hope this saves someone else the problems I had.
  5. David, I'm glad you finally installed Evernote. However, if the message is "Already installed by another user....", then that seems to indicate another version is present. I tried your two methods and they didn't do a thing. This should be an easy problem for Evernote to fix. After all, they caused the problem by creating an install process that failed.
  6. Thanks, It so obvious now that know it. BTW, are you "Fries" and the one taking the picture "Burger", or vice-versa?
  7. I just installed EverNote on my sisters computer. For some reason the "New Notes" icon is missing. A new note can be created by going to the "File" drop down, where new note is the first item. She is new to computers and still learning. Should I reinstall Evernote?
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