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  1. Further to that, any company that says, "just export all your notes" - after telling us we can use Evernote to organize EVERYTHING we do - has to provide an "Export All Notes" tool. THEN I might be willing to try a reinstall as a bug fix.
  2. So, summarizing what I've seen here, all I have to do is: To avoid losing your unsynced Notes before a reinstall.1.) Export Note to your email.2.) Do this for each unsynced note.3.) You can then double-click on the .enex file on a different device to import it into your Evernote account.AND... delete the app from your device and from iTunes.Download the app to iTunesPlug your device into your desktop computer and sync. Really? Really? Can you imagine the uproar if Microsoft said that all you have to do to solve a problem is export all your files, uninstall Office, get a new copy, reinstall it, and re-import all your files?That's hardly any trouble at all. And what could go wrong? Folks, I wil re-install Evernote ONCE, and I will do it when you release a version that fixes this ridiculous problem. Until then, I'm using Dropbox. It knows how to sync and doesn't give me any piffle about upload capacity. I'm not sure anyway about a company that says, "What problem?" and doesn't respond to support tickets.
  3. I'm getting old iPad notes overwriting newer Mac notes. I don't see "always sync manually before leaving a device" as a solution. Dropbox manages to stay synced without requiring that.
  4. Same here, even using Mac version 5.4.4, downloaded yesterday. Clobbered quite a bit of work, and it was important stuff. I have to be able to trust Evernote, or I can't use it.
  5. Got the new desktop version today. Over to my iPad, and once again no sync. Did a manual sync via elephant and my username. Updated the time of latest sync, but didn't pick up any of the changes i made hours ago on the Mac. Shut down iPad Evernote, restarted, still no sync. Grrr. I am not very interested in solutions that involve restarting my iPad or reinstalling Evernote every time i want to sync. Willing to do so once, as i did last month.
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