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  1. I find it incredible that after all of us ask for a dark theme, you come up with a design that is even whiter and more jarring on the eyes. What do you call your new design, White Supremacist? I spend my days working in Android Studio and Xcode using a dark theme. I have blond hair and blues eyes and guess what, when I go outside in the sun, I have to wear sunglasses because light skinned people have a tendency towards being sensitive to bright light. Do I need a note from my doctor to convince you? Can't you please give us an option. Is this too hard for your developers?
  2. I think people on both sides of this issue are very passionate about their stance. I spend about 12 hours a day working in xcode and android studio. I use the dark theme in both, I find that its more relaxing on my eyes. I also find being outdoors in the bright sunlight uncomfortable without sunglasses. Having to switch between xcode (dark) and browser (light) can be a very jarring experience. Give people the choice to use a dark theme, that is all we ask.
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