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  1. After some tooling around, I did come up with a temporary workaround for people who use Evernote for GTD and thesecretweapon.org on a PC. The biggest issue is that the shared tags intermingle with your own tags in the left pane. The shared tags wreak havoc if you have set your highest level tags by the defaults specified by thesecretweapon.org. This can be fixed by replacing the dot (.) that is at the beginning of the highest level tags with a ~. So instead of the following: .What .When .Where .Who Use: ~What ~When ~Where ~Who This will force all of the shared tags to appear below
  2. When viewing a shared notebook, the tags that were created by the original user are all listed in the Tags root, which really creates havoc in the Tags section from an organization standpoint, especially with multiple users. A simple fix for this would be to create another section (or subsection) called Shared Tags that would be broken down by each user who shared them. Shared Tags and each user should be collapsible. So right now, under Tags, I have numerous tags in the Tags root from each user with his/her name in parenthesis after each individual tag. It would make more sense to have:
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