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  1. It's been a while, so I'm not sure I can remember. First, I setup the structure in ON to mimick what I had (or wanted) in EN. Then I took just the current notes, and simply cut-and-pasted them from EN to ON - yes, one note at a time. Then, I printed the remaining ENs to the "Send-to-OneNote" printer. They all show up in one note; but they were just for history, and I only wanted to be able to search for and find the information if necessary, so it didn't matter.
  2. Vapor: I also think Evernote is a great product. However, if you're like me, and have migrated to the MS Surface platform, and reside in the MS ecosystem elsewhere (desktop/laptop, Office 365); MS's OneNote is a better fit. A year ago, when I purchased the RT I struggled with Evernote, until I had decided to revisit OneNote (hadn't looked at it in over seven years). I found the syncing, full text search even in scanned documents, the rich pen support and the integration with the MS Office Suite (all versions) to be fabulous. I imported all my Evernote notes to OneNote, and live and work in OneNote. You won't look back.
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