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  1. Can't say I appreciate the negative tone. Manually closing the application from the system tray is not a solution, it's a temporary bandaid that is entirely unrealistic to expect people to do every time they shut their computer down. If you ever shut the system down without that additional bandaid step you are right back to encountering this bug. There have been tickets opened for this bug for several years now, me opening another ticket would not help.
  2. This is a bug that has existed for years, and a lot of people (myself included) run into it on a daily basis. This badly NEEDS to be fixed by Evernote. Will they ever fix it? Based on their track record for actually fixing bugs I doubt it..
  3. hi im using windows evernote.but I cant indent to left most digit using cntrl+shift+m\using tabs.plese help.

    Screenshot (30).png

  4. How has this not been addressed yet? I see a lot of highly supported community feature requests that go many years with no attention, and very few significant updates to Evernote. I've been a paying user since that option was available (many years) and I have to say I'm really frustrated to see things ignored to the point that community members get so upset. A lot of people are clearly feeling ignored, which I think is more important to address than any individual feature requests. Evernote needs to wake up to this, and then eventually stat making changes that should take days, not years.
  5. It's ridiculous and embarrassing that so many features like this get ignored for years. I frequently print out documents I manage in Evernote. Checklists, for example. And have a hell of a time dealing with all the wasted margin space on Mac. FIX IT! I'm tired of paying for Evernote and seeing all the features I need get ignored for years. Address basic stuff like this before going off and developing crazy bloat features we don't need.
  6. Yes, I voted. But you can not expect every user to be active in the forums. I only recently got frustrated enough with lacking functionality to come here via google searches. But I've seen a number of threads on this issue, all with votes, dating back 6 years. This is not a complex bit of functionality to add (software engineer here) and with how stagnate Evernote has been I'm wondering what they are spending their time on. There are a lot of great requests that have never been acted on. All add value to the application, all seemingly ignored. If I were using free Evernote I would not be upset, but I'm paying for Evernote with the sole intent of supporting a product I believe in, but I'm not seeing much activity on their part. You say "only 9 votes" but keep in mind that whenever a bug is reported, or a feature suggested, that number represents only a small fraction of users. (usually only a fraction of a percent) So 9 might as well be 9,000. In an example such as this most users who don't see the ability to sum a column in Evernote just go elsewhere or do the the math on their own. They don't take even more time out of their day to search for forums, which they might not know exist, and post a request or search for and vote on an existing requests. The value of the request should be the determining factor, not votes from an isolated segmentation of a user-group. At the end of the day, this has been on their radar and overlooked. If it were overlooked because they were busy churning out functionality and improvements that would be a different matter, but in my personal experience Evernote functionality improvements have been extremely stagnate for a long time.
  7. Another useful and badly needed feature request sat on for over a year. Evernote has not been getting many usability updates. Why is that? As a paying user I really would like to see more improvements like this. I can't say how disappointed I am to see stuff like this ignored. Edit: Scratch that. I just saw requests going back to 2012 asking for this. So you've sat on it for 6 years? SERIOUSLY? I'm not sure what the next level below disappointed is, but that's where I am at now. Disafurious? There, Evernote's frequent gross incompetence resulted in the creation of a new word.
  8. The entire point of the shared web notes is that it does not require users to author custom files or for viewers to have accounts. So any proposed solutions other than someone updating the bad CSS code, which (now that I did the hard part) would only take a few minutes. Granted "a couple" might be an over simplification, but less than 10 including a coffee break and watching a short cat video on YouTube. Added: In my case the note is a living document that is updated frequently. This is where shared Evernote documents really shines, since a single link can be shared with a large group of people monitoring progress and contributing feedback. Not that I don't appreciate your suggestion, it is just not an option in this situation.
  9. How has this not been addressed yet? The narrow width of the HTML layout is a nightmare for people that want to share notes with tables in them, or even images. Very disappointed that Evernote has not addressed this issue since it would only take a couple minutes to update the CSS and the return on that investment is a massive boost to desktop usability. I'll happily do the heavy lifting for you below! 750px for content (with 50px padding) is ridiculous. It's at least responsive for Tablet/Mobile, which is wonderful, but you are neglecting PC users with larger screens, which is bad UI/UX. 1200px is one of the more common desktop CSS breakpoint display widths. Lets roll with that. Send your developers over to http://www.websitedimensions.com/ if they have any questions. Here's all you need to do to address this. No QA needed, ready for production release in as long as it takes to change 1 line of CSS and commit the file. Change: @media only screen and (min-width: 60.875em), only screen and (min-width: 51.75em) .mod-single-note-page-new-design#container { width: 750px; } To: @media only screen and (min-width: 60.875em), only screen and (min-width: 51.75em) .mod-single-note-page-new-design#container { width: 1150px; } That accounts for your 50px padding and gets us up to a reasonable 1200px; And that's just an acceptable minimum width for a full desktop site, it could easily go larger. I'll be over here anxiously refreshing my browser window hoping for some progress...
  10. I'm well aware that there are many threads where this issue is being discussed (a good indicator of the demand for this functionality), and with all things being equal (and this thread popping to the top of my search, yes, I used search), I chose to post here. That rather negative statement sets off so many alarm bells with me. 1: So a lot of users have this desire? 2: All those users are wrong for wanting that functionality? 3: They are also wrong for trying to clarify their desire with practical examples? It's all a bit reminiscent to the "You're holding it wrong" iPhone debacle. If a significant volume of users have an expectation of functionality that is unmet, maybe it should be looked into until a resolution or compromise is found. (clearly we are not there yet) At the end of the day, an application should be able to meet the needs of its users and adapt to how users wish to use it. Not all users are the same in terms of needs, experience, preferred interaction patterns, etc. And through good UX you can meet the needs of a varied user base. With good UI design you can have several methods of accomplishing a specific goal without any negative impact on other functionality. Just because tags are powerful (which I completely agree with) does not mean other methods of organization (especially visual) should be abandoned or are irrelevant. The addition of nested stacks does not detract from the value of tags, it merely supplements it and provides a visual representation of an organizational structure than many people are familiar with and inclined to expect. One great thing about good UI design is you can have apples AND oranges if you plan properly and the additional functionality does not create conflicts, clutter, or paradox of choice. Please keep in mind that just because I am expressing desire for an additional feature does not mean I don't like the application. I love Evernote, and I understand your desire to rush in and defend it. But lets not slam users for respectfully wanting more or varied functionality.
  11. Why can't we just have stacks within stacks? Seems unnecessarily limiting, especially for people who like to visually organize collections of data. For example, I would love to have a stack called "Creative Projects" where I store notebooks for projects I'm working on, or stacks for similar projects. For example Notebook: DefaultNotebook: Work[ Stack: Creative Projects ][stack: Special Effects ]Notebook: ZombiesNotebook: AppliancesNotebook: Animatronics[ Stack: Programming ]Notebook: Raspberry PiNotebook: Node JSNotebook: lolcodeNotebook: Things to complain about on the internet A parent/child relational hierarchy seems like a very logical/natural way to organize notebooks.
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