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  1. Evernote seems completely incompetent to solve the problem. Install web-clipper and it will haunt you every time for the next 100 years. The problem is going on for 5 years. Remove your cookies and Evernote manages to start up with the "quick start" page. Reopen the browser after a certain time and it starts again. Not just of Safari but on any browser. Don't believe the ***** you are reading that you need to get into your settings and than remove "start up" items becuase they are simply not there and the startup item has noting to do with your browser but with the Evernote App. The same is valid for the preferences in the app from which evernote claims that you have to untick the startup box. The problem has to do with the webclipper and it is as rigged as any malware program. Consider dumping Evernote.
  2. I am sick and tired of Evernote automatically taking over any browser when it is opened. The problem does not seem to go away and is persistent over the years. I am considering kicking out Evernote. What ever the solutions given over here it is all nonsense. Evernote is neither in the start-up menu, nor is the box ticked "open at start up" which has nothing to do with the problem anyhow, as it impacts only the app and not the browser. Evernote should simply remove the "quick Start" page. it is worse than any piece of malware ever. it annoys just as much as any program taking over the "search" page of a browser. It is obviously sheer incompetence given the fact that this threat exist since 2014
  3. Seems like Evernote doesn't give a hood. Shameful that they are not replying after many months of complaints. I had one out of 4 working Macs left. I had to do a clean install and after that web clipper is a bit like Donald Trump. It finds itself a big succes and says even so overtime when clicking the icon. Nothing happens of course. I am getting fed up. Need to see if an alternative service is working.
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