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  1. Good news on the Won't-load-in-beta-or-canary-Chrome problem: It's fixed. I already put out there my hopeful suggestion that you'll open source Marxi.co (I'd make a few pull requests myself to fix some of the grammar and spelling in the demo document -- my coding skills are not up to par to do much else right now). I'd still pay a fee to access the service hosted at marxi.co. However, perhaps before that could happen a more fundamental bug/feature of Marxi.co could be rethought: > Note: Currently Marxico is unable to detect and merge any > modifications in Evernote by user. Please g
  2. Perhaps I'm using too new a Chrome? (I'm using newest Beta - Version 43.0.2357.37 beta-m (64-bit)) I tried "normal reload", "hard reload" and "clear cache and hard reload". Still won't get past loading screen. Console messages are the same. I use different Chrome persons and they all have the same issue. I'm trying Firefox now and seems to be working fine there.
  3. First of all, Marxico is filling a huge need and I hope it can live up to the promise -- please keep up the good work gock. I hope to see better documentation and support -- I think going beyond this forum thread (and twitter) will get you better feedback as well. I, for one, have plenty of opinions. For example: I hope you'll consider open-sourcing Marxico. Now: I have an immediate problem: Marxico is not going past the "loading" screen. I'm using Chrome. I've included the console message below, thanks gock. main_en.js?1428478977334:7 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEG
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