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  1. Thank you Jefito. Since I want to write a script to transfer notes from a csv I want to have a complete command line.I succeeded to use That works great so far. My last question is how can make the someText to be created as a url inside the note because most of my notes are bookmarks. Is there a way?
  2. I am trying to follow your guidelines... 1. Writing the command 2.Press "Return" (??) 3. Then Ctrl+Z (??) It sometimes works, sometimes not... 😤
  3. Hi, I'd like to use EnScript createNote to write an import script. So, I first tried it using the cmd line of Windows 10. I tried the following: enscript createNote /i "Test" enscript createNote /i "Test" /n "Books" With and without usernme and password. The command execution hangs I also tried echo. 2>&1 | enscript createNote /i "Test" /n "Books" echo "Note body" 2>&1 | enscript createNote /i "Test" /n "Books" These commands returned but didn't impact. However, enscript listNotebooks for example did work! Please advise. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I want to move from Diigo to Evernote Is there a way to perform this task easily? Thank you
  5. Well, this is what I followed, and I got exactly what chrisramakers got The problem is that the rest of the thread focused on MAC solution, and I use PC BTW, searching for "import springpad' doesn't give much more information. Isn't there an official guide? Thanks :-)
  6. Hi, Is there an easy way to import springpad springs into evernote? I tried by creating a backup of all the springs with their backup service. I created a zip file. I extracted the zip file into some folder, and then, using you win app, imported this folder. What I got is one note which was actually one html with all springs, instead of a note per spring. I'd really love to know how to do it. thanks!
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