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  1. jbignert, Thanks for putting out a fix to this problem. However, as a premium user, I'm appalled at how little attention the bigger issue of releasing software that doesn't work as advertised is receiving (your comment seems to be single-issue oriented, without any consideration for the bigger picture here). For example, how do we know it won't break again in the next release? Why was there an "Email" link in Web Clipper, if it didn't even come close to working (hint: if it doesn't work, don't put it on the user interface)? Of what use is your "beta" release, if there was such a major oversight in the final release? Also, why do you advertise a hierarchy for tags, but when you actually go to create that hierarchy in your windows software, you find the link saying "Create Tag in X" some of the time when right clicking on X, but it saying "Create Tag..." at other times, with no rhyme or reason for why "Create Tag..." can't be "Create Tag in X". And then when you try to move all the stuff created at the top level from clicking "Create Tag..." on X into X (where it should've been in the first place), you realize that the shift key doesn't work like it works in every other piece of windows software and you have to control click to select each of the ten entries you created to move them all into X. The buttons in your software promise a lot, but deliver very little -- especially considering that Evernote is advertised as productivity software and most of the time it's being used is spent either in angst about it potentially not working, figuring out why it's not working the way it should be, or working around the bugs. It's impossible to establish habits around evernote or use it in a reliable fashion if stuff breaks with every release -- and in my opinion, that really puts some pretty hard limits on it as a productivity tool, so unless I'm misunderstanding the purpose of evernote, reliability of features that previously worked and stable releases should be a top priority for you! You guys really need to do something at an organizational level to deliver more reliable software and to make sure that the buttons in your software properly perform the action they're labelled with and communicate what you're doing on that front to your premium users, at least one of whom feels like he's not getting what he paid for.
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