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  1. My second one works ok. It still uses plenty of batteries (1 per week), but it writes very good with Notability, GoodNotes and Notes Plus. I won't complain, because it's still the only stylus that works well on my iPad Air with ZAGG screen protector.
  2. I contacted Adonit shortly before christmas. They were very helpful and I received a replacement with very little questions asked. They even refunded the shipping costs to Taiwan. Very good and friendly customer service. The new stylus works better than the one before, until now I had no unexpected disconnects. I mainly asked for a refund because my stylus was eating batteries like crazy. The first battery in the replacement lasted for three days, the second one now lasts for more than one week (with 2-6 hrs of daily use). I suspect that the pen pulls energy from the battery even if it is off, so I took the habit of removing the battery when I finish note taking for the day. I gave up early on using Penultimate, because it is not very responsive, wrist protection works only partly but mainly because it syncs always complete notebooks to Evernote. I would prefer that notes taken on separate days were uploaded as separate notes in Evernote. I am quite satisfied with the new Jot Script. I would appreciate if the user could set the period until the pen goes to sleep, but otherwise it is the best stylus I used until now.
  3. Hmmh, my Jot Script also turns off sometimes, but it is not as bad as that. Have you tried the trick stretching the spring to improve the contact of the battery?
  4. That's a good question, I'd second that. Until now there have only been very few comments from Evernote/Adonit. They should at least acknowledge the problems and help us clarify whether the issues are related to the software (iOS or Penultimate) or to the hardware. I'm afraid firmware updates will not be possible without returning the device
  5. Sorry Adonit Support you got it wrong! Many users struggle with the Jot Script going into sleep or signaling "low battery" while they work with it. This should not happen! It is not that the specific app doesn't see the pen anymore, it stops working completely, even in apps that are not "Jot ready", until it is restarted by a button press. VERY ANNOYING!
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